Complete Newbie


I am a 25 y/o shy woman who has just landed in Taiwan. I have been browsing this forum for a time and would like to get involved in posting more often.

I came to Taiwan on my own for travel and possibly work although I have not met any foreigners here yet.
How are foreign women generally treated here by the locals and are there any things I should be specifically aware of and avoid?

Thanks - and hello to you all.

Nice to meet you FridgeFreezer!

I will let those more qualified than I respond to your questions about being a foreign woman in Taiwan. One suggestion I would have is to check out the events forum (and other announcements of gatherings) and get out there and meet some of the great people on these boards.

Like anywhere, both forumosa and Taiwan in general are bound to have some people who you’ll get along with better than others, and some people who’s advice you will find more helpful than others. But, on the whole, I think Taiwan is a relatively warm and friendly place (both the foreigners and the locals).

So welcome! :slight_smile:

A newbie! :astonished:

Contact dasgrill and ask to be allowed into the women’s forum. I’ve heard that it’s a nice place to hide when the curmudgeons who dominate the rest of the site give you a hard time.

The only advice I have for you is not to pay much attention to anything that anyone tells you. Especially me.

I agree with Hobbes, but please be careful with taxi drivers. There are lots of them out there, so just wait for a clean one with a presentable driver. The Brotherhood of the Lily are pretty good as far as I’ve been told.

However, You are safer here than anywhere in America and most places in Canada.

And welcome… :notworthy:

It’s a wonderful thing to be a young white female in Taiwan. I feel truly popular here :sunglasses:
But it can be more than difficult to find clothes without pics of minnie mice or playboy bunnies :wink:

Well darrrrrling,

Forumosa is a great place to start to find out where and when all the things are going on. Just start posting and showing up to some events and next thing you know you will have a nice little social calender going. People here have hearts as big as Texas and patience as long as the day.
As a woman, I haven’t found much difference from home. Yes the clothes suck, but if you look you can find. The food sometimes gets on my nerves, but this aint home. You wont be harrassed unless you really send out the message for it to come, and even if you are you’d probably have a good laugh about it. If there is something specific that you want to know pertaining to being a woman in taiwan/taipei then you should ask, otherwise, best of luck on this new leg in your life journey. It’s gonna be a good one.

[quote=“Namahottie”] You wont be harrassed unless you really send out the message for it to come, and even if you are you’d probably have a good laugh about it. quote]

Yep. One day I walked out of the MRT and there was this nice man who kindly showed me his penis. Must have been pretty weird messages I had been sending out. :wink:
(But I did get a good laugh, that’s true)