complex situation - will my household registration be affected if I leave family home?

I recently got my Taiwan passport without national household registration.
However my dad will help me get my household registration through my grandpa, who is a Taiwanese citizen.
I am not familiar with how household registration works at all despite reading so much stuff online about it.
The problem is this. I might move out of my parent’s house soon without them knowing (long, personal situation - please don’t judge). Will this affect my household registration in any way? If I move, will I need to report my new address anywhere?

Here are some extra details:

  • I am 20 years old and have dual citizenship, my other passport being Singapore
    -Neither of my parents are Taiwanese citizens, they are getting my household registration through my grandma.

You better be very very quiet about that.

may I ask why? I plan to give it up when I’m 21… will this affect anything?

Well… Singapore doesn’t allow dual citizenship. If they don’t know about your Taiwanese…

I would keep quiet.

Oh, I see - that’s no problem. Singapore allows dual citizenship until I am 21, and I plan to give that up when I turn 21. It is legal for me to keep dual citizenship at the moment.
I applied for my Taiwan passport here in Singapore through the embassy :slight_smile: