Comprehensive cancer and general health check

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I’m 32 years old and looking to do a comprehensive general cancer scan and overall body health check. What I’m hoping to achieve here is to check for all the common cancers (lungs, prostate, heart disease etc etc), cholesterol figures, blood pressures etc or signs thereof and also get a good general reading on my current health. Perhaps every 2 years, in the future I’d like to do this and monitor my health.

I’m hoping not only for an analysis but a decent (not 5 second TAIWAN clinic style get you the fuck out of here asap) discussion about my health and areas that I should be looking out for and attending too.

This is not for a job application… There are some dark histories of cancers in my family and I’d like a proper checkup done and willing to pay for it.

My experience with TW doctors has always been horrible since they run their establishments like McDonalds and are NOT interested in preventative treatments. It’s always been 2 seconds of guessing your problem and then quick fix pills in bag and off you go. I’m willing to pay up for something decent and private if needed. I know companies do this in Taiwan for employees too (mine doesn’t) but I don’t know how comprehensive they are.

If you have experience or have heard about this, kindly inform.


Go to a hospital that does PET scans and drop 36 g’s. It’ll highlight hotspots for a lot of things from head to toe.

Cathay General Hospital in Taipei (ESE of the Ren Ai Circle) does full body exams. It takes up much of the day as they test and probe every part of your body. Includes blood and urine screenings and X-rays and ultrasounds, checking for common signs of cancer and other ailments. Includes a colonoscopy and endoscopy (but they put you under for these). About NT$15,000, IIRC.

If you have a PET scan every two years you will almost certainly get cancer

Riggers, do some research before you take off the dunce cap to spew nonsense. If there are risks, the benefits far outweigh the bad.

Actually, we have discussed this kind of service, the half day or full day examinations at reputable hospitals -will look for the link later, sorry, this computer has been acting up all afternoon. For the time being, I can personally recommend Shinkong Hospital and Tzu Chi for their testing. Others have spoken very well of the Adventist Hospital’s English service -separate from normal inpatient services- plus the Tourism Medicine Department at Taiwan University Hospital.

These choices, a bit of shopping around, should give you a general idea. Personally, I go with blood check yearly, as well as the colonoscopy and gastroscopy every two years, but then we have family history. PET and other related tests are recommended for the after 40 crowd, and not that often indeed, but there are various choices, focusing on specific areas, which lessen the time/aftereffects/problems and increase benefits.

Just saw this.

OK my experience on the subject.
Senior Lecturer at 2 London Universities.
15 years as a radiographer, 3 of those using PET scanners.

If there are risks you say, no there are risks.
Every 2 years would be ridiculous.
Over to you

Yea, this has been discussed but I don’t have the links. I payed NT$13000 the first year, and $6000 every year after, for the last 7 years or so. It’s a thorough check and can easily track health year by year.

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