Comprehensive Kenya Information and facts

I’m looking for complete information about Kenya. I intend to travel there next summer and I want to learn as much as I can about the culture, the people, the places to visit and places where I can stay during my visit. I’ll be going on holiday with a friend and we chose Kenya butinformation on the web is so scarce. Please help.

Well, at least you’ve come to the right place.

Forumosa is one of the world’s most authoritative sources on all things African.

Say What?

Yeah, the web is all but useless when it comes to finding information.

As for Kenya,

It’s hard to beat the Masai Mara for seeing big animals in the wild. Check the schedule if you want to see the wildebeast migration. The soda lakes i.e. Nakuru, and Bogoria are fantastic if you like birds (see hundreds of thousands of flamingoes). You can do cheaper safaris if you are willing to camp out in tents. You need a telephoto lense for good wildlife photos.

The “bad” part of seeing animals in East Africa is that it usually means you are in a car/van/jeep with guide and more tourists than you’d see in say Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe or Zambia.
The shores of Lake Turkana (N. Kenya) are great for seeing interesting tribes (Tukana and Samburu). Samburu are very similar to the Maasai.

Lamu (Island in the N.E.) is a great place to relax, with no cars and nice beaches in Swahili culture.

Nairobi and Mombasa (port) have enough crime to where you should be careful about muggings at night in the wrong parts of town. Malaria including cerebral malaria are common in that part of the world, but you wouldn’t get it in Nairobi or the (cooler) highlands.

I would not organize anything before arrival, other than a first night’s hotel.

I think everyone that likes animals and likes to travel should try go to Africa at least once.

I went to Kenya (Malindi) purely for the angling. Of the best in the world.