Comprehensive Manufacturer/Trade Show Directory?

I’m looking to venture into export (to SA), and want to get hold of an English directory/list/website detailing Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers and the various trade shows/exhibitions held throughout the year, here and in China.

I guess it’ll be rather vast, but does such a publication exist? Until I decide what I’ll be exporting I’ve gotta start the process this way.

And does anyone know of a veritable online course in import/export/international trading?

As they say, it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks!

Dirt -

Here is something that might help a bit.

I’ve found it helpful.

Have you been to the world trade centre book shop? They have lots of publications, or at least did last time I was there.

Apparently you can get an English version of the phone book for 2,000nt. Maybe somebody else can expand on that?