Compressing Powerpoint

Any tips for how to compress a Powerpoint presentation?

My pres is image rich and @ 22mb currently. I am running Office for Mac and the compression for pictures function does not exist, nor does the ‘pack and go’ function.

Any tips?

I know there is software out there for PC (and presumably for other OSs) that is able to do a pretty effective job.

I had a client who wanted to put their 200+MB PowerPoint preso online (as is!) but I managed to persuade them into buying some software which reduced the quality (all customisable) of all those images etc. The final filesize was around 4MB.

I can’t really remember what it was called though. It may have been this one but I’m not sure. Otherwise, try a Google search and see what you can uncover.

thx for that. i photoshop’d the pix for web… lost too much quality, so a software solution like that would be preferred

damn - nxpowerlite is pc only