Computer case recommendations?

Anyone recommend a good case for my computer? I dont want to spend mega bucks on the case (Lian Li and stuff) but I dont want a peice of sht either. I bought a cheap (650NT) case and talk about sht! I couldnt get the motherboard spacer screws to fit in most of the holes, The case didnt include hardly ANY screw. I miss the old Chenbro Xpider/Gaming bomb case… I cant find it anymore. Im not asking alot but I mean, at least something that wont get me to want to throw the case off a building…

I’d recommend calling Nam at Nationwide. Their banner is on the site too. He’s got good ones. The standard he uses is called Henessey which is clean, expandable and durable.

Yea, but im not looking for computer repair guys (I think I do a good job myself… and dont need to pay someone 1000nt to install an OS) Im just looking for a recommendation for a descent case that doesnt cost mega bucks. Oh and about Nam’s computer on his site, I wouldnt play games on anything less than a 6600 and 5200 is good if you want to play DX9 games at slideshow speed. I build a better system for less than his price. CPU is not as important because if you take a SP2600 and a full fledged A64 4000+ you will notice less than 20% performance difference with the same video card. It will in fact make more difference in the user’s mind than in real life. Extra CPU muscle only makes sense if you do alot of heavy CPU work (CAD, Archiving with winRAR, video encoding, and stuff like that) but for games video cards will boost your performance more significantly.

I’m sure he’ll sell you a computer case that’s a good one.

This is probably a little of the topic:
That is not entirely true, modern games have a very sophisticated physics engine, and in many occations the CPU slows down the video card. There are actually physics processors currently in development, to help out the CPU.

Also, the KI in modern games is getting better, which also requests a lot of CPU performance. It is more fact that game developers would like to do more in terms of KI and physics engine, but they are limited by the average CPU performance. It is always best to have a good balance between CPU und video card, and the rest of the system. A top notch video card doesn’t do any good if your are running a mid-range CPU.

Back to the topic:
I saw a couple of nice cases at Gunghua (spelling?) and Nova. I particular liked the once that are in G5 style, with the very open case. This will help cooling the interior, but of course will let out a lot of noise from your fans. Downstairs at Nova I saw a nice store with plenty of cooling solutions though.