Computer Case Spare Parts

Newbie here! Hiya! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I’m looking for spare parts for the PC build that I have (Corsair 550D), some of the case screws are busted and I need some replacements. Problem is, I don’t know where to look, the only option that I know of is to order the parts online from the Corsair site. This is also accompanied with 6-7 days shipping and a ~US$60-70 price tag (no thanks…)

…So, do I have any other options? or am I damned with busted screws?

Thanks in advance! :bow:

Head over to the Guanghua Market. There are plenty of shops there with any parts you need for building a computer.

I have the same case what screws do you need?

Thanks for the info! I’d prefer it if I went to an actual Corsair store or the sorts, and not retailers tho… because well, I kinda need an actual manufacturer-specific brand, not third-party stuffs. But I’ll check there anyways!

The fan screws and the rubber paddings, mostly. I have a somewhat bad reputation for screwing (ha!) them up, busting the screw-heads at an almost constant basis… :frowning:

There are a number of computer stores that sell Corsair cases along Bade Road by Guanghua Market.

Not only that but Corsair also has an office in Taipei - you could still send them an email as a last resort.

There’s a list of distributors on their website:
Found it in 10 seconds using Google :wink: