Computer downloads from our brains will make life eternal

Get this. By 2050, it will be possible to download a person’s mind and preserve his ideas, thoughts and memories forever. Forget burials and funeral homes and even “dying.”

From iPods to iDeath. Who knew? … 005522.asp

‘‘If you draw the timelines, realistically by the year 2050 CE (common era, not year of the non-existant deus) we would expect to be able to download your mind into a machine, so when you die it’s not a major career problem,’’ Pearson said.

So, there is no death after all, in the future. I wonder if that will be a good thing or a bad thing or an X-rated thing?

And of course, what would Jesus do?

I down want to be downloaded into a machine. I want to be uploaded into a cloned (and improved) body.

I predict that by next Tuesday people will be able to rip ideas off Star Trek and say they will come true long after they are dead.

Oh look, mine came true already.

I went to a talk by a previous ‘head of futurology at BT’ about 10 years ago. He was talking about how teleportation would soon be possible by analysing an objects structure - transmitting the data - then creating an exact match at the other end. Still haven’t seen any teleportation cubicles recently though.

Here’s a thought: how long does it take you for you to turn on your state-of-the-art-computer, login, select your wordprocessor, and start typing a letter? Now compare that with 10 years ago. Or 20 years ago. With this in mind, and as one of the members of the ‘futurology unit at Forumosa’ I predict that by 2050 it will take at least one hour from power on of your computer to be able to actually use it …

Just an alternative view :slight_smile:

Please don’t go and clone Arnie by mistake. It really pisses him off.

What if you are downloaded by a Microsoft product and get attacked by 596 viruses within 5 minutes??

either that “expert” or the reporter who wrote the story are way behind the times… the “upload your brain” notion was a weak sub plot on a Friends episode years ago… sheesh…

but more importantly, where do you apply for a job like that?.. getting paid to speculate wildy on implausibly quirky future contraptions for a living… good gig if you can get it… :wink:

“Aeroplanes will be too afraid to crash, yoghurts will wish you good morning before being eaten and human consciousness will be stored on supercomputers, promising immortality for all”

Why would I want to fly in an airplane and eat yoghurt when I am living inside a computer anyway? and how would you cure depression in cyberspace? download a prozac-patch?
I don’t believe this. People, the way to go as every sane person will tell you, is chopping off the head from your dead body and putting it into liquid nitrogen. Wait a couple of decades, pray the company doing that will not go bankrupt and everything will work out just fine. Trust me.

Reviving frozen cells will take some pretty impressive biochemistry…

We are not even close, and we have tried for nearly 40 years.