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I’m in Taipei, by the way.

Don’t know about PC games but 95% of Xbox games in Taiwan are all in English. Check out the NOVA centre across the Taipei Main Station or FNAC.

IN English


I’m in Taipei, by the way.[/quote]

Yeah, probably the closest place would be Hong Kong.

Used to be able to buy some English or multi-lingual games, but in the last year they’ve become scarce.

What kind of games do you want?
There are loads of free legal games you can download off the Internet - good ones too like Wolfenstein: enemy territory, Tribes, Tribes 2 and Hidden and Dangerous Deluxe. These are first person shooters but there’s plenty more besides. Have a look through the list in this link and see what takes your fancy. (Over 95% of the titles on the list are full games, not demos.)

It depends what you are looking for.

Many games are playable without refernece to the User’s Manual, especially first person shooters which all tend to share the same basic controls. Things like Battlefield Vietnam, Delta Force Black Hawk Down etc. come with Chinese Manuals and English game interfaces, and are easily playable without reference to the manual. Many racing games etc fall into this category.

Some more recent games have begun to implement Chinese interfaces and documentation e.g. Call of Duty would be an example. The game is still playable but without being able to understand the historical context of the missions it does take away from the enjoyment.

Manyof the Real Time Strategy games/wargames do have Chinese interfaces and manuals, e.g. I have only see Rise of Nations Chinese version here. I actually bought Age of Empires here and it came with a Chinese manual and English interface. Though the game did have a tutorial it seemed that things would have been a lot clearer with the manual. I did actually contact the manufacturer to try and send them back the Chinese manual in exchange for the English version, even the chance to download the pdf file. However I got the usual fob off and just gave up in the end.

I guess none of this helps you much. The only concrete advice I can give is to go to NOVA, FNAC, Guang Hua etc and look the boxes. If the back of the box is in English then the best bet is the interface is English, and in a lot of cases, the manual as well. A lot of EA Games are like this e.g. Wings Over Normandy, Lock On Air Combat, Madden Football 200*, NHL 200* etc.

Otherwise the sources such as the internet, Hong Kong as suggested would be the best bet.