Computer hardware for sale/exchange

I have the following hardware for sale/exchange:

  • 1 desktop PC, purchased 3 years ago, never moved, only used for regular office work. Looks brand new except for keyboard. CPU: Intel Core i3 540 (3 Ghz), RAM: 4G, HD 300G, DVD burner, front USB + media readers, Wi-fi enabled. Screens: Acer 17’’ extra flat. Keyboards: Asus.
  • Leica Digilux 2 camera (5 Mega Pixels, awesome 28-90 f:2 lens)
  • A pocket-projector 3M (including battery)
  • A 8G iPod Mini (black color) to sell/exchange.
  • An Apple PowerBook G4 17" 1G/1T
  • A few Ikea bookshelves and a Ikea black leather sofa (looks brand new)

All items come with connectors and sometimes user manual, work fine and are in pristine condition, but since they are old and I don’t need them I am ready to exchange or to sell for very low price. The package may include many freebies to be chosen amongst used items (halogen lamps, flatbed scanner, hard drives, DVD burners, NAS file server, etc…) to be discussed.

On my side I am looking for a tablet PC or iPad, even an old one, providing it can read PDF magazines. But of you have other things to exchange, feel free to contact me, I need space and would prefer that someone uses these items instead of seeing them in a storage.

Look, it’s a computer from three years ago. Let’s review the components:

  • Core i3 from two (or three) generations back, much worse performance than the actual i3s.
  • 4GB of RAM (that’s the minimum someone would put in a PC nowadays, hell, most laptops have that as the minimum configuration).
  • When you say HD300G I suppose you mean HD 3000 intel graphics. It’s all right if all that you want is watch youtube videos, play minesweeper and watch the occasional DVD. Forget about decent FPS if you play 3D games less than 5 years old (yes, I know you bought this 3 years ago, but even when it was new, the performance for those integrated graphics wasn’t great).
  • DVD burner (does someone use those anymore?)
  • the rest of things: meh. You don’t even say if the USB is 2.0 or 1.0.

And you put the hard disks as “freebies that may be included”, because in that list, I don’t see either HDDs, SSDs, or OS license to begin with. Bottomline: without a hard disk, you can spend 12000 NT$ into a fancy wifi-connected paperweight.

Please, do yourself a favour and rethink your advertisement. And you’d do better without the subjective adjectives like “powerful”, unless you’re really selling a powerhouse of a PC (which isn’t your case).

Thanks for the advice, I will take your feedback in consideration and modify the post.