Computer Peeves: Am I crazy or what?

I have two peeves that really I hate about my computer at home.

  1. Firefox and Google. The search box in FF always defaults to

This wouldn’t be a problem if the results were the same, but many times I can’t find stuff that shows up in Us or UK google. What gives? How can I change the default? It’s driving me CRAZY.

  1. My optical Mouse. The clicking is too fast. I don’t know how to alter the behaviour. I’ve tried mouse properties, but it is clearly not working properly. HOw can I alter this behaviour? Or is my mouse broken? It affects clicking, highlighting, and so on… Really unbearable. It didn’t use to do this, and I didn’ t alter the functions.

With no hair left.

Go to this page:
You just need to visit the page once (provided that you have cookies enabled, at least for that site), and from then on you’ll have search results in English whenever you use the search box. It will also go to that page any time you type “…google…” in the address bar.

Thanks, I remember wondering what that meant!

Useful. And it worked.


You can also add more “Versions” of Google Search in your Firefox…
Just click on the Google Search you like, and it will be added to your Search Engines in FF…

For the Mouse Problem… Uh, dont know… On my computer, I can adjust the double click speed in the Mouse Settings… (Control Panel -> Mouse). I dont have a problem there… It works…
If that doesnt work on your system, maybe the mouse really is kind of broken… maybe check with another mouse from a friend/co-worker etc. if its the same behaviour…

Best Regards
Mr. Rice