Computer prices? Warranty info?

So I’ve been checking out prices in Taipei for computer equipment (CPUs, Hard Drives, Memory, Vid Card, etc)

And they seem to be mediocre prices. Some things are more expensive even.

I went to that one market, the name eludes me now, but does anyone know any place to find really good prices? Most places that I used to order from in the U.S. won’t ship to Taiwan, and if they will, the shipping is insanely expensive. Shopping online would be useless because I can’t read chinese.

Anyone know about the warranty information? I hear that a lot of stuff is imported from Japan, so you don’t get any kind of warranty. Kind of funny, because all this stuff is actually made here in Taiwan.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks.

Yeah, there’s definitetly nothing special about the prices here especially if you were an online shopper back home (, pricegrabber, etc…) Not only that, but if you’re looking for the “newest” things out, you might have a hard time finding em here right away. One would think (at least for the stuff made here), that it would be less expensive and / or released in the local market here :loco:. That’s how they do it in Japan at least… Maybe cuz the demand for higher end stuff isnt as great here… dunno. Can’t talk price much either… were talking maybe a few hundred dollars if that… hardly worth the effort.

As far as warranty goes, most have em… However most are only good in Taiwan…but you’ll prolly find that some of the bigger name brand stuff / higher dollar stuff (notebooks) come with global warranties. If your in Taipei, best places to look are the Taipei Mainstation area (Nova, KMall…) and Guanghwa Market area (near NTNU). Good luck.