Computer projector vs big screen

I have this TV that I never watch, have literally never turned it on, and don’t bother with cable. I just watch DVDs on my computer.

It has a lovely sound system, six speakers, and the screen is as big as the TV in any case. But it’s in the wrong corner of the room and also I have a hankering for a big picture.

I haven’t looked at big screen TVs yet, but I understand that they’re quite expensive. Would a projector be a more sensible option? I have plenty of clean white wall space, and have been happy with the picture quality when I’ve shown stuff at school using their projectors.

How much do these things cost? Where would I find one? What do I need to know?

Any opinions either way?


Even the best projector needs to be in a darkish room, you must be able to put in a coffee table etc. to point at the wall, have a white wall where you want to watch and be able to sit pretty much straight on and not at an angle. Otherwise the picture is great…
fan noise, they get hot, the bulbs cost a FORTUNE and can be damaged if the unit is moved while hot etc.
Otherwise the picture is great…
Unless you get a fancy new one that does an 16:9 wide screen image you’ll still have the letterbox effect with black bars at top and bottom of the screen
Otherwise the picture is great…
They cost a lot
Cables all over the place…
Otherwise the picture is great…
Sorry, I had one for a year (work) and sometimes couldn’t be bothered setting it all up. Looking forward to a samsung LCD TV when I save up (BU HA HA)

Here are some threads about projectors that may be of interest to you:

When I was looking for a projector, this site was excellent! It answered every question I could think of.

Enjoy. :smiley:

Thanks everyone. I feel a splurge coming on.

Or you built one yourself. All you need is a tft display, over head projector and cooling.
Instruction manuals are online available.

I am also going to get one of those projectors. Take a closer look at the Panasonic PT AE700U. It should be great for watching DVD’s, the price it around NT$60000 or maybe less.

The better projectors have good lamp power and do well in a living room without the need to make a dark room.

Also having the projector a bit closer to your wall or screen helps somewhat.

I could never use a cumputer moniter to watch DVD’s or TV. But hey, thats just me.