Computer Repair at NTU

Does anyone have details on a computer repair centre somewhere on campus at Tai-Da?

Or, going into the matter in more detail, I’m in the middle of a critical project with an impending deadline and my Thinkpad has just started behaving erratically, freezing, etc. I’v been preparing to buy the MBP Retina in December, but am relectunt to splurge now and get it here in TW. In short, I must obtain a something (or have my current repaired) in the next couple days, allowing work to continue. My processing needs until December are not intensive, so another older Thinkpad t43 or similar would be sufficient. I cannot, however, cope with a unit, new or used, wedded to a Chinese OS. Time is escaping…

Hi Sila,

I just graduated from Tai-Da this June, so I think I could share some information with you.

In Hsiao-fu (小福), you could find the Mr. Computer(Dian-nao-xian-sheng)
they are not really good but enough for little problems.
Also, Mr. Computer has another chain store nearby the Chang-Xing BOT.

Or you could take a bus on Shin-Sheng South Rd. to go to the “Guang-hua 3c market”, which is full of experts of computer.

Hope u fix the problem soon.

Thank you for your answer. I did go to the 小福 area on campus earlier and found the Apple authrorized store. I inquired after another store for PC users, and they insisted it wasn’t there. Perhaps they didn’t understand me or the Mr Computer store has been replaced by theirs.