Computer Repair Service in Taipei Wouldn't Take My Money!

Just wanted to say a brief word about a technology related experience I had this weekend.

  • On Saturday, my three year old laptop suddenly started filling the display with a digital version of the colorful patterns you get when you rub your eyes too hard.

  • After reading some glowing reviews by fellow Forumosans, I sent an email to Nam, of Nationwide. I told him that I was a terribly irritable person of very little patience, and I would very much love to get my computer looked at before Monday.

  • Not only did Nam email me back the very next morning, but he then proceeded to get in his car and make a long journey down to Taipei to pick up the computer and talk to me about the problem.

  • When I opened up the laptop to show him what was wrong – the evil gremlins inside the laptop decided that is was time for the problem to disappear.

  • So there I was… laptop that had basically started to work again after he had already made the trip down to pick it up.

  • Naturally, I apologized for wasting his time, and offered to pay for his trip. But --and this pretty much blew me away-- he wouldn’t take my money. “Just keep me in mind next time you have a problem”, he said.

Very cool. Something you certainly don’t see every day.

I’m not surprised. In my previous corporate position as MIS dude, my company bought his computers and his service. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I cannot recommend him highly enough for his attention to service and knowledge of his expertise.

Yeah, Nam has carved out a solid reputation for himself in the last couple of years. He’s the first guy I go to whenever I have a computer issue. (It also helps that he’s my neighbour!) :bravo: :notworthy:

I must add my own report here. Had a problem with my PC starting to make a new and loud whirring sound and called Nam. He came out, took the power supply away, cleaned it, and looked into getting it replaced but it turned out to be on the expensive side so he just replaced the old one. This took three visits over two days.

Ridiculously, he then refused to take money since he “hadn’t done anything”. I managed to press a token amount on him, which now I think about it really wasn’t enough for his time and trouble, even if there was nothing he could do. So here’s another big thank you from me, and PLEASE call Nam if you have computer problems or need computers, etc. And someone, please pay him!!!

Perhaps there should be a Good Service thread. It’s such a rarity it could be a sticky.

Hobbes, Daasgirl? I’ll happily take that money if you still have it lying around.

Nam, you’ve got an interesting site, but it seems to be empty/under construction.
And half the stuff that was there was layered weird so the words were on top of each other.
Are you going to get this page updated sometime?

Definitely adding my voice to the approval of Nam’s service - my power supply totally and utterly shat itself a while back (I didn’t know that at the time though - just that my computer was screwed) so I called Nam. After explaining what happened over the phone, when he was able to come out and get things sorted, he’d already worked out what the problem most likely was, brought the new power supply with him, and had it all sorted in no time. Plus he even pointed out what kind of motherboard I had so I could figure out how to wire up the speaker plug on the front of the case.

[quote=“Josefus”]Nam, you’ve got an interesting site, but it seems to be empty/under construction.
And half the stuff that was there was layered weird so the words were on top of each other.
Are you going to get this page updated sometime?[/quote]

Quite sorry for that Jo, but it’s been a while since I had any free time to do so.

This reply comes a little late I know, but I’ve just been too busy running around town to do anything about it.

It’s likely that I’ll update it again in the coming weeks, and then just pay someone to do it for me. Just not enough time in my day unfortunately.

Between day to day life, my other job and going out on delivery and house calls, I’m not left with much time in between.

The existing page was put together in a matter of an hour or so, as a make-shift. I had hoped that I would at some point have the time to sit down and take a full weekend or so to redo it, but really didn’t imagine it would take this long.

Sorry for any issues anyone experiences with the site guys…
Though if you have any questions, feel free to call me at any time.

Nam changed the tyre on my car once while running into a burning building to save a family of six, including the elderly grandmother and her budgerigar, all of whom he had to carry down six flights of stairs in almost zero visibility, while wearing only his slippers.

At the same time, despite being breathless and covered in soot, he was constantly on the phone talking callers through lifesaving procedures. It was difficult to make out all the conversations, but one of them was to help a man deliver his dying wife’s baby, and another was to instruct a terrified passenger on how to land the 747 he was forced to pilot after the captain had a heart attack.

He did all of this while still maintaining a cheerful demeanour.

We tried to give him our spare change as a reward for all his efforts, but he just said something along the lines of “I’m just being a good citizen, sirs”.

Perhaps if we’d upped it to NT$100 he might have been tempted to accept it, but he certainly didn’t want to deprive us of our collective fifteen or sixteen NT.

The man deserves a medal. I will certainly not hesitate to recommend calling him in times of trouble.

Um, er…
You failed to mention the stamped of wild horses I staved off with a mere angelic smile, while dodging 45 of my previous English students who had all grown to an age at which they could finally get their revenge…
Least of which bothered me as much as the fact that, I was constipated at the time. :blush:

Nam, I made comments about your site like … erm … 5 months ago.
It seems it’s still the same.
I’m in the market for a new computer, and I know your service is fantastic by reputation, but by looking at your site I can’t figure out what you’re selling. UPDATE!

Love NationWide’s new banner! :howyoudoin: