Computer Street Prices

Hi folks, is there somewhere on the web I can look up street prices in Taiwan for computer stuff?

I have already checked

The later being the most useful, however still incomplete.

Does anyone know of any others?


I don’t think you’ll see any of the street prices advertised because there’s no such thing as a fixed price down there.
Gotta go vendor to vendor and compare, as the prices will all be negotiable.

I used to know of a website that had pricing in Taiwan, but have since lost the website. We used to use it in the company I worked for for competitive analysis on computer products, unfortunately I don’t know anyone in the company anymore. I know at least one exisits. I am very aware of the situation in Taiwan, I have lived here for many many years and this will be the four computer system I have bought and put together here. I am no rookie. But I would like to do some research online before going to the places. But if no website is available than I am going to have to stop by Nova and pick up their flyers and bring them all home to look it.