Computers (Garmin, etc) vs iPhone

Thinking about being able to track my rides for Strava, etc.

I think I just would like to be able to accurately track my rides but… if it came to indoor training you’d need a sensor. I’m cheap, however. I’m planning to replace the battery in my iPhone 4, so mb that would help it last longer. I don’t really want to spend 5000NT on a Garmin and then have to cough up for the sensor. Anyone know how much the speed cadence sensor is for the Garmin Edge 500? Anyone gone with the 200? I can’t decide what to go for. Anyone know sweet iPhone apps that I can connect with an ANT+ sensor that don’t drain the battery or crap out when you get a call?

I think you will have to get a hardware addon for the iPhone to use ANT+? The only phone I know that has it by default is Sony-Ericsson.

yep the link above is a hardware ANT+ antenna for iPhone.

Right. Wonder how battery life works with that. I use an sony phone with an app called Oruxmaps, which I think is awesome. 100% free too. No adds. Not available on the iPhone I’m afraid though.

Yeah this is more or less my problem. My battery iPhone battery currently sucks. I’m considering replacing the battery (via a kit on ebay). Still, even then the apps - esp mapmyrun seem to be terrible resource hogs. Strava is a bit better.

Strava app works with ant+ as far as I’m aware, so that’s one route for you.

Main thing to consider is how long you spend in the saddle. IMO if you’re out for 3-4+ hrs, and on a regular basis, getting a Garmin 200/500/800 is well worth it. Last time I was over I picked up a 500 for my brother, and I’m certain it came with the speed/cadence sensor, total cost was about £105/5000NTD. Way cheaper than UK.

If you want to use your phone with strava over that sort of timescale, and be able to check emails/take photos etc, you’re going to be pushing it.

If your usually out for less than 3 hrs then you’re phone should do just fine, providing the battery is in decent condition.

FWIW I use a Garmin 800, which I also picked up considerably cheaper in TW. The mapping function is a godsend for me as I rarely get to go home to cycle. I’m always in London, and if I’m in TW then I definitely need it.

Hope that of some use.