COMPUTEX - Are there good deals?

I was thinking about visiting COMPUTEX on Saturday to see if I could pick up any good deals on computers (laptop and desktop) and accessories. I know it will be crowded but aside from that, are the prices and selection worth the time and effort?

It’s not about selling products to one person, Computex is about businesses selling to other businesses or introducing products to people.

If you want to get a deal, you’ll have to try a computer/laptop show. They have them twice a year at the 101 convention center. However, I think your better off just finding stores and asking for prices, then compare prices and decide. Or you can have a Taiwanese friend check Taiwanese sites for you.

The downside to buying electronics in Taiwan is that prices seem fixed. In US you can get random deals, but not in Taiwan. Believe me I know. I’ve shopped for it all here.

Since the last day is open to the public, I thought that it might be a good opportunity to check out a large selection of new computers in one place and maybe purchase a newer model. Guess that’s not the case. Thanks.

There is nothing to see this year. Only cheap china tablets, iDevice accessories and enterprise solutions. Nangang 4th floor might have something interesting because Acer, Asus and Microsoft are there but its mainly business oriented. They had to let the locals in on Thursday already because the halls were EMPTY! This year won’t be a visitor record for sure…

In Nangang, as milkalex says, there are a couple of interesting stands. Also, if you’re into DIY, there were a very interesting ARM boards able to run linux/android, and a couple of compact yet interesting PCs.

And if you’re not married, or your conscience doesn’t bother you, you can always go to there to enjoy the view…

Anyone knows if there are any FPGA dev boards for sale at Computex Nangang?

I saw a couple of places with ARM dev boards, not sure about FPGA.

Keep your eyes open for the penguins. :sunglasses: