Comrades Don't Surf!

Damn that Bush!

I’ll bet if Clinton had signed Kyoto this wouldn’t have happened!

Wave of despair hits surf world

The sport of surfing is in turmoil after the world’s largest producer of the foam blocks used to make surfboards closed down, citing over-regulation.

Polyurethane foam “blanks” produced by California-based Gordon Clark are used to make many of the world’s surfboards.

Mr Clark, who helped invent the modern all-foam surfboard, says environmental regulations forced him out of business.

“For owning and operating Clark Foam, I may be looking at very large fines, civil lawsuits, and even time in prison,” Mr Clark wrote.

State authorities in California and in Orange County, where Clark Foam is based, are concerned by the company’s machinery and its use of toxic chemicals.

Mr Clark said he was forced to spend $400,000 (