Condos in Taipei with nice views

Hi just wondering if there are any recommendations of high-rise condos with nice views. My impression has been that there aren’t very many, and probably none at all with water views. Anything that you guys know of that you might recommend? I haven’t really done much research on this and just curious. TIA!

Apartments facing Daan Park are nice.


If you have money, look at Daan park, Xiangshan station area or near Yangmingshan.

Otherwise a lot of places on the outskirts of the city might work.


Along the river in Neihu North of airport. Or along most of the rivers.

On the edges of city near hills.

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Best options are in Wanhua, overlooking the wharf, or not so plush areas of Neihu bordering Songshan, which means they look at the rainbow bridge and blue highway river.

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Nice condos with river, ocean and mountain view in Tamsui, but of course a little away from the center

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There’s lots of condos with nice views in Taipei. Define water view.




Nice! Where’s this?

Hmm, I guess to me it would be a wide view of a large body of water. So no sliver of the sea off in the distance and no small rivers. But a large river or lake would work.

Other nice views would be of a skyline, of mountains, or maybe something else aesthetically pleasing like a beautiful park.

This is obviously more achievable in the Taipei city area.

There are a couple of new developments in Xindian, at the end of the line, overlooking the lake. Not the building on top of the metro station, I have not heard good things about it. But the newest ones you have the lake and the mountains while enjoying a couple of supermarkets and the MRT nearby.

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intriguing thanks. Do you know the approximate pricing of a 3 bedroom or somewhere I can find info about it?

Everything is 25 million.


If you consider Taipei botanical garden a nice view


lol, are you talking about the White Beauty Mansions?

For the water part, most condos in Taipei have a view of the neighbor’s bathroom.

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Depending on the neighbor, the view can be great or not so much.

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The widest river in Taipei is Danshui river, so any highrises along it in Taipei city, Sanchong, Luzhou, Bali or Tamsui would give you that view. I’ve been in one on Huanhe Rd in Taipei. It was on an upper floor, and if you sit on a bed and look out the balcony, you get a sense of being on a cruise ship. The other rivers in Taipei are all narrower so you wouldn’t get that same expansive water view.

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Is that the weird building with wavy windows? Not really.

Nor the RTMART towers.

BTW I recently noticed from the dorms at NCCU you have clear view of Taipei 101. The stretch along Muxin road also has a new river path and lots of greenery. There are several new buildings there, too.