Conflict: Vietnam for X Box glitch?

This is pretty weird.
I’m playing on Hard difficulty, legal store-bought disc, flipped local console.
When I start the Bad Moon level, suddenly all my guys are invincible, they don’t take any damage, except for the punji stick booby traps, where their bar turns green, indicationg poison, but there’s no countdown, the bar just stays full on green until they heal.
The little guy who’s firing on the Huey at the start of the level keeps coming back to life every time he’s killed.
And you can’t complete any of the objectives except the Dog Tags secondary.
When you get to the rendezvous point to relieve Delta Co., there’s nobody there.
So obviously, you can’t complete the level.
Anyone ever seen this before?
I never entered any cheat codes or did anything else between the last level and this one.

Have you bought the dungeon key from the master wizard ?

That sort of wierdness only ever happened to me once, on Tomb Raider 2. Funny enough it was just after I got my PS chipped, and I was sure that was the cause. I went to the shop and asked them, knowing that even if it WAS, they would deny it vehemently.
Anyway, after they DID deny it was possible, I finally restarted the level completely (which was a right pain in the arse, considering what I’d been thru to get that far into the level. I men, seriously, I’d been shot at, dodged swinging blades, jumped over lakes of fire, etc., etc., but hey, the things you have to do sometimes.

Now in your case, the whole level appears to be screwed. Is it possible you can go back to just BEFORE you finished the previous one?

Anyway, a restart was what I needed. I got to the problem part and it was sorted.

Hold on…

OPERATION Vietnam or CONFLICT Vietnam?

[quote=“irishstu”]Hold on…

OPERATION Vietnam or CONFLICT Vietnam?[/quote]

There’s a difference?

Some games do do things like that if it thinks it’s pirated, programmers want to be paid for their work too, but we know region encoding is bad, so I dunno. I found one other instance of the same problem and he was playing a different game, but no replies and noone else seemed to have seen it. So maybe it’s just a rare bug.

Or if you’re playing it on the hard level then it will be a level 12 Huey with resurrection spell. You need to use a banish spell on him.