Conflicting visa information

I am a United States citizen and plan to visit Taiwan for 3 weeks in December to January. I am looking up the visa information. I, of course, surfed onto

from one page, it says I can stay 14 days visa free:


says I can stay in taiwan for 30 days visa free. Which is correct? I tried obtaining more information from different Taiwanese administration websites, but the I receive, once again, both information.

If someone can shed some light, I would greatly appreciate it!


30 days. It used to be 14.

30-days non-extendable visa from the USA.

ah ha! thanks all~

Unfortunately, the ROC government has never paid much attention to the “standardization of the interpretation” or “standardization of the enforcement” of various laws and regulations.

Among the US citizen and foreign communities in Taiwan, this has always been a consistent source of dissatisfaction for as long as I have been in Taiwan. (I arrived in late 1975.)