Confucius Institutes

Don’t you love it when the CCP says that they don’t agree?!?!? Vomit!!!

It doesn’t matter where on the planet they are squatting as there’s absolutely no respect for the laws of the land.

As one former Hk secondary school principal said to me during a discussion on contractual terms and conditions about 7/8 years ago…the contract is dead and people are alive! Do you understand the logic and reason??? I didn’t bother to do a rebuttal by the way. 19th century mentality belongs in the 19th century!

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More bullsh&t, this time in Italy:


Italy can’t keep Xi’s teet out of their mouth? Figures, they need the slave labor for their “Made in Italy” goods. It’s not like they have a real economy.

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they also need a market for their luxury exports. it’s a pretty good racket when you think about it!

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Lol true that, China’s probably their biggest customer too.