Confused about ADSL

I currently have Hinet ADSL with 2MB/512KB connection. I pay NT$ 1248 every month for this. Hinet also to a 3MB, 8MB and 12MB download speed, but the 8MB and 12MB are cheaper than the 3MB. I can’t read Chinese and my Chinese friends can’t interpret some of the terms on the Hinet website for me, so can anyone tell me, what’s the catch? It baffles me and I dont want to wait for a week long reply from Hinet customer services email.

Just off the top of my head, I think that it might have to do with fixed versus static IPs or might have something to do with the upload speed too.

I am curious as I also have the 2MB/512K ADSL from Hinet and I didn’t know I could get something faster for less. What is the URL of the page with the info, I will have my wife take a look now?

that’s true, 3Mb is the most expensive connection.
8 and 12 Mb options are only available to people who are less 1-2 Km from CHT- DSLAM.

The best way is to give them a call at 0800080128 and find out

See this for more info: [Chunghwa rolling out 8M ADSL starting June 1