Confused about military service thing, dual citizenship

So I was borned in the U.S and both of my parents are taiwaneese. when i became 13, due to medical issues, i had to apply for a taiwan passport to make the treatments cheaper. I was concerned about the military service thing and heard that you cannot live in taiwan for more than 183 days at once, and i never did. I also heard about how you will have to get a overseas stamp and i am very confused about this whole system. I recently applied for a tai bao zheng. And does that mean i have to go to the military?

I am worried about being conscripted because of the stories of it being hell because of the bad experiance.

Also, how does the 183 day rule work? is it added up for a year or is it like you it resets every time you leave taiwan?

It’s fine. Most ****ed up people are ****ed up regardless of military service.

Are you registered to household registry?

oh, so you have.

Renouncing Dual Citizenship - #7 by tando

Then, this.

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I am not sure, they have U.S visa and I was born in the U.S. I have U.S citizenship but then my parents applied for a taiwan passport when I was 13.

You applied to tai bao zheng, so I think you have.

So you mean i have to serve in the military regardless the 183 day rule? I am confused about how this whole system works.


It is explained here.
Conscription Regulations for Naturalized Aliens & Returning Overseas Chinese

and here.

Umm can you explain the thing you linked below? the link takes forever to load for me so yeah, i need some explaination for the general rule of the system.

then you can search the name of the regulations by Google or any search engines. there may be some loadable site.

Found one, but then my english is bad. Can you explain to me?

Then, this one.


and this site

Wait… so tai bao zheng is household registry right? and what is the overseas stamp about? do I have to get one?

iiuc, you cannot apply for tai bao zheng, if you don’t have household registry.

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So then, what is the overseas stamp thing about and is it too late to apply for one?

it is 僑居身分加簽.

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@johnsmith1995, I hope you are paying your personal secretary, @tando, very well. Don’t forget mandatory retirement fund contribution.


Then what is the purpose of the overseas stamp thing?

It must be explained in the sites I linked.

Rules really depend on your age. If you are over 36, you don’t have to worry about conscription, you are too old. If you are just on the verge of becoming 36, and you were born before 1985, you can’t be in Taiwan for over 4 months at a time for more than 3 times. If you were born after 1985, you can’t be in Taiwan for over a total of 183 days per year and for 2 consecutive years.

You would need to apply for your expatriate stamp at TECO in the US before these rules to apply to you.