Congrats, Scomargo!

[quote=“scomargo, in another thread,”]Yeah, and I got two new arrivals keeping me busy as well. Introducing Vincent and Laura. I’ll be busy for a while, it seems.


Great news! Congratulations!
:bravo: :slight_smile: :rainbow: :bouncy: :yay: :dance: :discodance:

Guess you’ll be needing a double packback on the next hike then!



Congrats Scomargo & family!!!
Hope you manage to fit some sleep in in the next 3 months. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh!! So happy for you!!!

Way to go!

:bravo: :rainbow: :bravo:

Congratulations and Good Fortune to You All!
And Happy New Years!

This certainly warrants a thread of its own.

Let me repeat my congratulations from the other thread, and Sophie sends hers as well.

They’re a fine looking pair of nippers. Be sure to post a few more pictures of them if and when you can find the time!

They certainly are a good looking pair. Got to hold Vincent in my arms the other day. Light as a feather. Nice tan, too.

Congratulations again Scott. Hope to see you out with a twin pack in a few months tramping over the local hills.

Irishstu, why would he not get any sleep? They had twins. One can always look after the other while Scott and Daisy go out. :stuck_out_tongue:


Double happiness!

Woohoo! Big congrats from Anita and me!!! :beer: :bravo:

And another congratulations, Lucky Boy! (your new username?)

Well done.

It will be good to see the little dude on a hike with a tiny hiking pole.

They are precious!! Congratulations, and welcome to the world Vincent and Laura!!!

Imagine my surprise when I saw this thread. Thanks for all of the congratulations. :bravo:

Mother and twins are doing well, and are very healthy. The twins both have a strong appetite and are getting lots of sleep. My wife and I are also getting a decent amount of sleep, although not as much as we used to. :slight_smile:

Omni asked in the other thread if the babies were born early. The twins were born after 35 weeks, and although it’s early, it’s not considered extremely early for twins. Fortunately no special breathing apperatuses or anything like that were needed, and the twins are doing very well and are thriving on the milk being fed to them.

I don’t know how soon any of us in my family will be doing any hiking, but hopefully it’ll be soon. For now, we are all having a blast getting to know each other. Thankfully, we have the Chinese New Year holidays to spend together, which I’m definitely looking forward to. I know I’ll be hearing gongxi even more this year.

Congratulations, buddy!
A job well done.
All the best to your whole gang from me, Mrs. the chief, and the chieflette!!

Congrats congrats.

They are a blast to bathe - however changing nappies is a chore.

Remember to activate the “father gene” which ensures that no matter how much they cry during the night, you will not wake up. :wink:

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs, Scomargo!

:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:


Congrats. Yes, activate that “father gene”, it helps a lot.

My father gene is malfunctioning at the moment. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Congratulations scomargo!!! :bravo: :smiley:

Very healthy, beautiful girl there…and Laura’s cute too! Just kidding :wink: Gong xi gong xi! They’re adorable!