Congratulations England RFC

That taught the Aussies a lesson. Pommie …'s indeed !

And I believe Australia is continuing to show you good grace.

Careful, it can only last so long. :smiling_imp:


yep, i think Oz deserves respect for taking the defeat so graciously, unlike that dignitary who handed out he Oz team’s medals after the game, he was scouling whilst practically throwing the medals at them in disgust… :laughing: anyway i’m sure the chariot is swinging pretty low over in blighty these days… damn good final all things considered… strange really almost a carbon copy of the South Africa vs. New Zealand final in 1995… except then it was Joel Stransky who slotted the last minute injury time drop goal to win it for South Africa… seems Oz didn’t learn from their neighbor’s past mistakes, but to be fair Johnny Wilkins was bloody brilliant throughout the whole tournament…

Here are some England fans celebrating on the streets of erm… Tbilisi… Wait… that can’t be right :?

Thanks Plasmatron. I’d forgotten about that. The geek was no other than Johnny “I’m a complete and utter tosspot sore losing mindless bastard” Howard, the prime minister no less. What a wanker!

Best dash off and update my loggings!


Hear what the wanker had to say in parliament when he’s out footed by the leader of the opposition. Heartless turd! John Howard puts foot in his mouth


I’ve never seen such a miserable bastard as Howard giving out the medals.