Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Maoman!

Congratulations on your new arrival, Maoman!

A healthy 6 1/2 pound baby girl has joined the Mao family as of 9:09 this evening.

Mother and daughter are doing fine.

Congratulations to the both of you! :slight_smile: :bravo:

YAY! :bouncy: May she be as fiesty as her mother and as tall as her father!

i KNEW it was going to be a girl. That or a boy.

Congratulations, Maofamily. Let me know when Maogirl wants a puppy. :wink:

May she have her mother’s looks and her father’s luck!

Congratulations! :flowers: :dance: :banana:

Yippie! Congrats from me and Marylyn!!

Congrats, congrats, bring on the rug rats.

Right on and Congrats!

Congrats Mao Daddy. Have you given her a user name yet?

Wonderful news!

Speedy recovery to Mumsie!

Question is: Did Dad make the hushpuppy run to Long John Silver’s?

:rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow:

[quote=“tash”]YAY! :bouncy: May she be as fiesty as her mother and as tall as her father![/quote]The other way 'round wouldn’t be so bad either. :wink:

Congratulations! I’m very happy for all three of you!


Woooooot!! Congratulations to Forumosa’s first daughter! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Congratulations, Maofamily. :bravo:

Congrats on the new arrival.


Yep congrats from me and K too :bravo:

Great, congrats to you and V.