Conjugal Partnersh? Absolute Community? Absolute Separation?

When two people marry in Taiwan, are their assets considered Conjugal Partnership, Absolute Community or Absolute Separation?

I am not sure if I am using these terms properly, so here is how I understand them:

In Conjugal Partnership, both wife and husband retain full (100%) ownership of their properties that each owned before marriage, and split those they acquire during marriage 50%-50%

In Absolute Community, once the happy couple is married, all of their assets are shared 50%. So even if they split up the next day, your spouse has a claim on half of everything you had/have

In Absolute Separation, unless they explicitly share rights to a property, like business partners, the married couple do not have any claim on each other’s assets

I believe some states in the US have Conjugal Partnership (California?). Others have Absolute Community, unless you have a pre-nuptual agreement that declares that the married couple prefers a Conjugal Partnership.

What is the prevailing condition Taiwan?

I asked a lawyer friend about this and he tells me that in Taiwan, it is officially Conjugal, but effectively Community. What he means is that officially, each spouse keeps 100% ownership of their pre-marriage properties and splits post-wedding property. However, when you begin negotiations for divorce, one side can refuse and effectively block the divorce until the exact property breakdown is agreed upon.

Hence, it is “effectively” an Absolute Community environment.