Connect computer speakers to DVD

Hi ,

Is there any way i can connect my computer speakers to the DVD and listen to some cool mp3s. I am sure there must be a jack or a connector or something.

Has some one tried this idea before ? any advice ?


Should work fine, but DVD players usually have RCA connectors for audio while computer speakers have 1/8" phono plugs. You’d have to go get an adaptor cable.

Yeah mate, I thought myself it should not be a major problem.
But due to my horrible chinese and no knowledge of where i can find one i thought of posting of it here on forumosa.

if you can tell me where to find the adapter ( NOVA,RT Mart) would be great.i tried yesterday at RT mart but cont explain it to the sales man what i wanted.

any idea what its called in chinese

Just walk into any TKEC (yellow 3C store) and head to the cable section where you can find all the adapter cables you ever need.