Conor McGregor Punches Old Man in Bar

Loser. Take his money.

Punched the old guy because he wouldn’t drink McGregor’s whiskey. Not a good look.

Maybe more of a glancing blow than a hit, luckily

More of a sucker punch than a glancing blow. That’s the kind of sucker punch that will clear out almost every bar in the West.

They aren’t mutually exclusive. Definitely a sucker punch.

Now I get your meaning, sorry. Yes, they were both lucky that McGregor’s punch didn’t do as must damage as it could have.

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That’s really sad.

The old chap took it well. Doesn’t look good for his come back chances.

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This is how someone squanders a fortune. Lawsuits will cost you. I don’t think he realizes that money goes fast and he’s really young. Not to mention his legacy isn’t as profound as he thinks now. 15 years and he’s going to barely relevant in the sports world and no one will care. He isn’t like a Ali or a Jordan.

I wonder how his whiskey taste though.


Eye’m 'is lawyer, ahnd we tink it did a whole LOT ta damage. :trollface:

Swill, as far as the internet whiskey sippers go. .

I hope his whiskey business fails. This guy is a total POS. I’ll never forget him getting his ass beat by Floyd Maywather a couple years ago.

Once a scumbag always a scumbag😎… Dublin’s finest.

That’s not how Dubs like Conor talk. Try harder. Such as ‘I’ll box the bleedin face off ya and dance on yer head’. Needs more of an edge to it. :grin:

Khabib did a much better job at beating his ass

It’s just such an utterly scummy thing to do. I don’t care what was said previously, for a grown man and a trained fighter to sucker punch an elderly guy in the head. What a complete POS.

I hope he gets screwed over royally if it goes to court (I’m assuming it is?).

what the … ?

He doesn’t look drunk. Amped up on something? Nobody could be that stupid unless they’re under the influence, surely? Hey everyone, I think I’m tired of being rich and famous now, so I’ll punch this old guy minding his own business. Job done!


Almost certainly coked up. Went into the bar being the big guy and the regulars ignored him.


The more ass beatings, the merrier.

Him and Ronda Rousey are the only two fighters I take joy in watching get beaten or punked by opponents. Mostly because they’re both so full of themselves.

It has some punch but low class. It gives you a headache.


Kind of like its owner.