Conor McGregor returns to the UFC

Looks like he will take on Donald Cerrone in his return.

Isn’t cowboy bigger than conor?

So he wants to lose badly again.

The term gobshite was invented just to describe CmcG.


I hope he gets beaten to a pulp. Scumbag.


2016 Conor would have murdered cowboy. Whiskey Salesman and rapey hooligan McGregor, not so sure


I’d say similar. Cowboy was a small welterweight big lightweight. Conor is natural lightweight.

Conor at featherweight was ridiculous


Conor failed to knock out an old man with a sucker punch at a pub. Cerrone’s not unbeatable but this is his fight to lose. Mix it up with dirty boxing, take Conor down and it’s over.

I dont agree. 2016 Conor Mcgregor was one of the best to ever do it. What he did to Eddie Alvarez was like something from another planet. If he is still that guy, he smokes Cowboy in a couple of rounds.

But you know, Cocaine is a hell of a drug… so lets see

He’s not still that guy, that’s his problem.

Cerrone also has a size advantage and more tools with good kicks, knees, elbows and an underrated ground game. Conor just relies on his boxing now.

Conor has very good Jiujitsu. Just not Nate Diaz level. His grappling in the first few rounds of the Khabib fight was very good.

We dont know what Conor will look like as we havent seen him fight MMA for over a year and last time was against the best grappler in the history of the sport. Cowboy struggles with boxers and Conor is probably the best boxer in the UFC. Mcgregor the fighter is a motherfucker. Mcgregor the man on the other hand…

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McGregor is much more durable than Cerrone. Cerrone was hurt every time he was touched by Gaezhe however he is spelt. He looked close to shot in that fight going by his punch resistance. Dana white won’t want McGregor losing either

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If McGregor beats Cowboy, almost sure they will put him against Masvidal in International Fight Week in July


I think that this fight is fairly even on paper, but if McGregor loses, he’s done fighting. If he can’t even beat Cerrone (a great fighter, but not a serious contender at this point in his career), he has no business being in talks for a Khabib rematch or a shot at someone like Ferguson.

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Yes, there are no fights left for him at that point. Cowboy is well shot now

Almost sure Conor would pull out of that fight.

Donald is getting his reward for being a company man. Coming off his destined loss to Justin G and being gifted Connor (I have no memory of that very short night) is like xmas in July. I’m sure his wife and little baby are OK with daddy taking a shot at the wood chipper for that payout. Thing is, Cowboy kicks back and kicks hard…yet…Cowboy fights for sh8t in headline cards against top tier opponents.

Connor wins…but doesn’t become relevant because of it. Connor vs Justin is the fight to make, but if he wants to stay at WW, feed him to Woodley.

Just rewatched the Gaethje fight:

If Cowboy shows up like this, Connor KOs him in Rd 1…his striking is levels above Cowboy.

I despise Connor, but his left hand meeting a charging Masvidal is deadly.

I want nothing to do with that coked up bully. When he sucker punched that old man - what a tosser.

Man Masvidal Mcgregor is clearly the money fight right now. Masvidal has really made a name for himself with the Askren win and the BMF fight. Imagine the build up and banter for that fight.