Conor Mcgregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov-October 7


Conor is well prepared for the take downs with the people he brought into his camp. I’ve said my predictions. Just got to wait and see.


Wow I’m hyped. LoL for Conor bringing out Drake draped in an Irish flag.


Khabib looks enormous. And not even a little bit phased by the McDickfer Show.

I will be extremely disappointed if he gets finished early, but my gut says he will not take the bait like Eddie did, or stand and trade like Nate did. He’ll dance with the one that brung him. Conner is going down and then will wish to god that he knew how to wall walk.


The narrative that Conor has to knock out khabib early is a false one. McGregor is essentially a counter puncher but used to fight a lot more wildly up till Diaz 1 when he paid for emptying the tank. I can see Conor taking his time.

McGregor is very similar to Mayweather in personality and fighting style (not comparing his boxing chops to Floyd’s greatness) and I can see this looking like a Floyd fight

Not a huge fan of McGregor the person, but as a fighter he is great


Should be an interesting fight. More importantly, where can I try Mcgregor’s whisky?


Oh I would if I were interested.

I listen to Rogan because his podcast is the modern successor to American late-night talkshows. I tolerate his UFC excursions in order to hear the rest of his conversations. I won’t bother you with them again.


I love Rogan . Schaub is OK, but his mma analysis is no better than the guy in the bar.


khabib is persistent with the take downs. all he needs to do is get ahold of you then he keeps pummeling and working until you are down. then his top position is just horrific. did you see the barboza fight? it was traumatic. we’ve not really seen anyone with much of a counter to his style so far. i’d like to see what conor has for him though, he sounds like he’s got something up his sleeve.


Khabib is pretty boring to watch. Grab guy by legs and drag him down then try to keep him down. Reminds me of Jon Fitch, whom the UFC booted cuz of it.

Conor is a phenom. He brings hype and has wins to show people will pay for it.

btw, the fight should be on tv here for free. If you didn’t know already.


On Fox Sports 3


That’s a fair comparison. To each his own, I guess. The hair I would split is that GNP is not LNP. Fitch was a beast and his fight with BJ Penn was an incredible display of ground game by both guys actually, but yeah Fitch didn’t do much damage on the ground. I don’t find Khabib boring at all. He’s a stalker. He forces guys to move back, diminishing a lot of their offense. It’s a great set up strategy for a take down. And once down, he doesn’t LNP at all. I was cringing during the Barboza fight. The way he ties up his opponent’s legs with a figure four while he bashes them is amazing. He doesn’t go for the easy chokehold attempt.

I find the one punch KO to be boring. I don’t even stay up for any of the Fight Night cards anymore. Just catch the replay in the AM. They are all one rounders, two at best. To me that means the fight is a mismatch. It’s a matter of perspective I guess. Some people like Anderson Silva vs Rich Franklin. I like Chuck Liddle vs Wanderli Silva. I’ve yet to see Conner in a fight like that. He ran from Nate in their second fight, literally doing laps around the cage away from Nate when he was exhausted.

Nate don’t chase, hommie.

Khabib will though.


Khabib has never had to set up a guy like Conor. You can’t just keep shooting at a guy without eating some fist, knees, and elbows. Especially if you got no striking to set up take downs.

Late 2nd round to early 3rd round knock out.


Khabib by TKO in round 3.


This is why this fight is so interesting. There’s a rational counter point to each argument on both sides. Mine here is: ,and Khabib has taken down every single opponent he’s ever faced. Only the strongest wrestlers got back up. That ain’t McGregor. I watched a bit of his take down defense training. It was laughable. Khabib will not shoot in and fall down. lol

ANyway, enjoy the night. Fights have already begun. Gray Maynard should really retire and go coach high school wrestling. He eats way too many hard shots. Tough guy, but his brain had got to be tofu by now.


“My balls was hot.”


Tapped :grinning:


It’s all got a bit lively.


And Real beats down Fake with a choke,


Wasn’t a choke, it was a neck crank. Andrew’s quiet.


Why would I be quiet? Predictions are fun.

Ugly end. The only reason I liked khabib was that he had some class.