Conor Mcgregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov-October 7


Sounds like it got pretty crazy at the end.



Hopefully the big mouth shuts up for a while. A cool 50 million quid and more controversy for the next fights $$$.

Look at that shitshow could not be a fan of any of these hooligans.


While McGregor is a lightweight in the UFC, his ego is probably more along the lines of a super heavyweight.

That he would lose yet emerge with moral victory is really saying something.


Make it no holds barred. Proper punch up in a pub car park, possibly in Plymouth. Ear biting.


Headbutts to start…


Just fyi, Khabib is now 27-0, and 17 of those wins (including the one of Conor) were by submission or knockout.
That means he finishes his opponents 63% of the time.
I appreciate how you feel about Jon Fitch, but GSP did pretty much the same thing his entire career and Dana loved him. I think the big problem between the UFC and Fitch was that Fitch started complaining about the UFC using his likeness in the videogame without compensating him. They were looking for an excuse to shitcan him…


Conor is a trash talker and will have no problem going for low blows and going out of control. But when you make him look like the good guy here you really went to far. His boys who have known terrorists connections are the ones I think attacked him after the fight.

Then you got the people from the religion of peace saying Conor deserves to be assaulted for saying something negative about this great peaceful religion that has brought so much peace in the world.


Mike Tyson’s condemned the after-fight shenanigans.


The thing with Conor is, he will trash talk and will go after anything that he thinks will get in your head. And obviously it did work.

But at least Conor loses and wins with a level of grace after.


Seriously? Take a look at the footage again.


amazing card. main event went as most predicted. hopefully the crazyness will calm down now, conor is usually pretty humble in defeat. and that was a double defeat cus those russians beat him on antics aswell.


I don’t know about you, but once someone starts swinging at my guys, the other guys are fair game. I saw him react to khabibs ridiculous jumping over to go after the other team. Low class imo. You just won, you’re the champion. Take the belt home knowing you shut Conor up and possibly just sent him to the tail end of his career.

None of this would have happened if khabib didn’t lose it. What a moron. He’s probably going to get a fine, suspension and possibly even striped of his belt of Dana feels like it.


UFC has not said that Khabib has belt now. Plus they said Nevada Commission is holding back winning. Khabib done fuckd up.


Khabib kicked it off, but Conor did not react with grace. He was clearly pulled down from trying to climb out, and he threw the first punch once the guys got in there (although it looked like someone hit him with a bucket or something first).

Khabib comes out of the whole thing the worse.


Every loss I’ve seen him he reacted with grace. It looks like khabib after the submission was saying something and had to be held back from possibly attacking him. It looks like to me he just brushed it off and wanted to leave. I think most people who has any sort of pride and respect would have reacted in a similar way.


OK, people perceive events in different ways. I will support you though that Khabib was the instigator. That is until we hear the excuse that he was verbally abused in some obvious way (which I expect to come pretty soon).


We will probably get a more clear picture of how the entire event took place as they investigate. But from the angles I can see. It looks like Conor just wanted to head back to the locker room and all of this happened.

I think the guys who tried to fight Conor were arrested.

But to me i was ready to be hyped about khabib until he lost it. Fighting is a sport where the fighters personality, background and story are part of it. I don’t like khabib pulling the good morals card and do this. And plus the guys he is with are a bit sketchy.


I have no disagreement with any of that. He probably did only want to get back to the locker room, but changed his mind.


Khabib sounds like a clown right now with his reasons. “He insulted my religion…country etc”.

What’s more ridiculous is him saying trash talking is not part of the fight game and him wanting to change that. Sorry, trash talking is part of the game in any sports. Mental game is part of the game. You can see why as Conor clearly got to his head even though he won.