Conor Mcgregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov-October 7


Absolutely. Part and parcel with almost all sports. The higher the level of skill, the more trash talk there is on the field.


Conner got into his head? Meh. Looks like Khabib is a pain in Conner’s neck. bwahaha

Sadly, my feed died during the fight and I still haven’t seen it. Read it though, and seen some pics of Khabib going off on some guy. Hrmm, has Conner ever done shit like that? Jumped over the cage…in a fight he wasn’t even in? Or attacked a bus with a handcart? Or slapped and punched and pushed opponents at pressers and weigh ins?

He’s a nutter and he just got handled. Dana wanted the good Muslim. Ha.

Khabib vs Tony should do huge numbers. Dana will be foin.


I like him because he’s a fighter who does what he does very very well.

You think Khabib has class? Do you know where Dagetsan is? :ponder:

Do you “like” other fighters for their non fighting related attributes? Haircut? Neck tats? Lisps?


Yeah, he just jeopardized his pay day, time frame when he can eve fight next and possibly event the belt. He won! He is the winner and the better man who clearly won. So foolish to let Conor’s trash talk get to him.

Conor is Conor. Khabib is khabib. Conor doesn’t put out the oh I’m a religious, I want to set a good example to the kids moral good guy. I don’t drink and say bad word. Conor makes no effort to do any of this at any time. He’s Conor McGregor and fully owns it. I like this better than khabib doing this stunt after trying to be the good guy here. I already said Conor was getting on my nerves a bit. But that’s just the way he is. Its not like we didn’t expect these things. That’s just who he is, and as a fan you either like it or don’t.

Yeah, I like guys who can trash talk and get inside people head. Reggie Miller, Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali. I like athletes that can play the mental game.


Ali was odd when it came to trash talking. He was generally respectful to his white opponents, but awful to his black opponents. The way he treated Frasier was reprehensible after Frasier had helped him out financially during his ban.

You’d have thought it would have been the other way round.


Just saw the fight on yt.

I thought McGregor looked gassed with a minute left in the third. I think Khabib might be part python. He had McGregor tied up for most of the match. The fighters were not closely matched in this bout.


Gassed? When someone puts weight on you for 5minutes…tell me how it feels.That’s his game play. Make you work and struggle and expend until you are exhausted…


I’m no UFC expert, but I thought Khabib was even beating him standing up (is that the correct term?).



Does gassed not mean exhausted?


Yeah I understand that. Khabib was unrelenting, and took every opportunity to make Conor bear the weight of both of them.

And I know that it’s probably hard to find training partners who can simulate the kind of pressure Khabib applies, but I’m a little surprised that McGregor was pooped out after 14 minutes. Not accusing him of being lazy or not training properly or any error, I don’t know enough to do that. Just that McGregor knew what he was getting into. Last thing I would have expected would be for him to run out of gas.


I was surprised when he put McGregor on his butt. Khabib has a sneaky straight right.

McGregor’s pawing right hand must be super annoying.


Then why we he take him down? Cuz he knew that is the only way to win.


Or the easiest way for him to win?

It was a good fight. I’m more of a boxing fan, but I enjoyed it.


Schaub was right !!!

Stopped clock and all that. Not ready to take him serious as an analyst yet


That is what happened to him against Diaz too though, he ran out of gas.


i’m really not sure how people are taking conors side on the after fight shenanigans… people have pretty short memories regarding all the shit conor pulled in the last year.


I’m not really taking Conor side per se. but last year was last year. We are talking about what just happened.

Khabib can’t be talking about setting good examples for kids, being religiously virtuous and act like a nice moral character and pull this. He got his man in front of him. Why jump after his team.


Again context is king- it was seconds after a really big fight.


i agree with you. it was uncalled for. so were the things conor did. neither guy can take the higher ground here. they both crossed the line in highly entertaining ways that are usually not seen outside of wwe!