Conor Mcgregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov-October 7


I love Conors trash talk. I’ve not seen anyone entertaine me like this beside seeing videos of Ali.

Everything before and after the fight was honestly more entertaining lol.

I love and hate Conor at the same time. You can’t say he’s not entertaining.


I had never seen anything like it before last night. What a show.

Say what you will about McGregor, but he’s never really been a sore loser in that octagon.

Stupid of Khabib to jeopardize his legal standing with Nevada state and immigration.

The fight itself was solid. Curious about McGregor’s next move in the fight game.


i’m a huge fan of conor. i more or less got into mma because of him. i’m not one of those purists who think you should never trash talk and always show hespect. i think he goes too far sometimes, acting thug like ect. he’s not a gangster or a chav or a russian mountain man so i really don’t understand the wannabe thug behavior. its not cool, he should be above that.


Honestly, he’s got to entertain and draw a crowd. The UFC shares of revenue between the the UFC and fighters is pretty shitty. At best you can take 2 maybe 3 fights in one year in top shape. Before him at their prime, fighters make maybe 10 million at best for a fight. That’s like the best fighters who can maybe have a few fights in the prime if injury doesn’t set them back. Not that amazing. Undercards make like 10k. You can’t even make a living 10k a fight. How long can Conor be a top fighter? This might be it, maybe 1 or 2 more more main cards and he’s done.


Only watched the fourth round. Glad the clown got his ass kicked.


The guy is a national embarrassment as far as I’m concerned, cokehead got his ass handed to him.


Look at this. 100% of the discussion, here and elsewhere, is about the aftermath and not the actual event.

I wonder if either of them have any sense of embarrassment or at least regret over this. They’re both garbage people who fight well, but have control issues.


He is a dickhead, so understand why Irish would feel that way. But the graft he put in on his ascent should be commended.

Also, in the early days, the way he navigated the US media and cultural mileu was savant-like.


Could be. He wasn’t KO’d by Khabib in the 2nd round, but the power did shut off for an instant. Once that happens to a fighter it tends to become more likely to happen in future fights (at least in boxing). I also doubt that McGregor has the discipline it takes to get in top shape.


It’s really hard. F


first time he’s been dropped in his career isn’t it?


Honestly I don’t follow the UFC or McGregor very closely. I’m an old boxing fan who’s amused by the huge number of MMA matches that come down to trading fists. At the same time I’m awed at the athleticism of MMA fighters, and intrigued by the amount of options they have (forearms, backfists, leg kicks, submits).

Used to watch some Pride way back in the 90s, but I’m not a big fan of Dana White and the UFC.


Why? He is or was very disciplined. That’s how he got so good in the first place


I’m a fan of both sports and find them equally ridiculous. No sport in the world is more corrupt or more of an organizational mess than professional boxing though.

UFC is great. It’s not usually like this and the product and skillsets get better every month.


Because I’ve seen him gassed several times, while in every case his opponent was not gassed. He gassed out against Mayweather, Khabib, and somebody points out above a third time as well.

Maybe he has a flaw with his circulatory system, but I doubt it. I think it’s far more likely that he’s just unable to do what it takes to develop sufficient cardio capacity to get his body through 5 all-out 5-minute rounds of MMA.

By the way, I do realize just how armchair QB this sounds.


He gassed against Nate. Floyd, Nate and Khabib are all known for their exemplary cardio. I don’t think Conor lacks discipline, he just isn’t built for energy control over longer time spans


Maybe so, but it’s remarkable that a fighter of such discipline would be breathing hard through his mouth as soon as late in the third round. And the second round was spent mostly on his feet.


Muay Thai is my favorite to watch. A few baht to catch a bunch of fights in thai land. Elbows, knees, kicks. Pretty nasty.


Who was that tall white guy who used to do a jumping downward elbow to the top of his opponent’s head?


he gets gassed because he is a fast twitch guy, most of those guys with lots of muscle and explosive power gas quickly ( tyrone woodley, yoel romero) which is why conor has a more energy preserving style now, plodding around the cage instead of hopping all over the place with a constant output like his earlier fights. its not really about his lack of training. plus its hard to not get gassed when a russian bear is on top of you. it does seem to be a problem though. his future prospects don’t look great outside of nate diaz 3.

yea lots of stand up is definitely more common these days. most fighters have developed amazing take down defense so its pretty different to early mma. the fast development is one of the reasons its so interesting.