Conor Mcgregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov-October 7


I’ll tell you something about Bono. When he broke his arm riding a bike, it was actually the Desmonds having him sorted out with a baseball bat because he was banging Andrea Corr.


He was probably banging Sharon instead. That girl is nothing but trouble.


Corr is a practising Roman Catholic and prays before performances, unlike her elder sister Sharon.


No, it was Andrea. Also, the Edge has had shed loads of plastic surgery but is highly knowledgeable about Boudeaux wines.


That’s some weird trivia. I will add to it.
I met Andrea Corr once, she accused me of stealing her handbag.


That beats my trivia hands down.


If it has to be Irish related James Nesbitt once asked me for a fag at Cheltenham races.

No, still not as good as yours.


If Conor McGregor is your role model, you have bigger problems.

I find him entertaining and often annoying. But boy does he make me want to watch his fights with his antics.


What next for Khabib? Suspend or rematch ?


Conor made the UFC to what it is today. Whether you like it or not. Khebab is a wrestler and his style of fighting is not as interesting to watch. And always crying about his religion,… like seriously boring to listen to. If I want to see that kind of trolls; I will just go read some youtube comments. But yeah they make it something alla islam vs conor, to draw in crowds that would normally not watch UFC…


Who’s really holding Khabib’s check, the NSGC or Dana White?

If it’s the Nevada State Gaming Commission, then Khabib should get the bulk of his paycheck (perhaps minus some medical expenses and possibly some kind of punitive fine). Khabib doesn’t seem like the kind of guy who needs lots of money. Maybe he retires from UFC, maybe he retires from MMA altogether.

If it’s Dana White who has his paycheck, then he may be fucked. He may have at least one more fight before him, no choice, maybe more. He may be married to the UFC for at least one more year.


I am in no way shape or form up to speed on this stuff, but I am sold on Tony Ferguson. I watched his press conference and then watched the fight.
Cued up to him:


Why should there be a rematch? If Conner beats Frankie Edgar at 155, let’s talk about another title shot eliminator. Conner imo is at least two fights away from a title fight and never if he can’t beat a world class wrestler.

Khabib gets his money (They are reviewing the footage, as no surprise, Connor threw the first punch at Khabib’s teamate, and Conner’s BJJ guy had been screaming sh8t at Khabib the whole fight.) Khabib goes home and gets scolded by Papa. Dana reali$e$ all the money he’ll make booking Khabib as the next Fedor and start the Tony hype promos.

Nate fights Pourier. Winner gets #1 contender position, Conner gets loser, or Frankie moves up. Tony gets Khabib.

My feeling is, Conner is irrelevant. He’ll get money fights, but he’ll never fight Khabib again for the title. Go fight Woodley or Anderson Silva. I’ll watch. :banana:


It’s the Nevada State Athletic Commission. They’re currently holding his purse.

Even though I’d love a Diaz McGregor 3 or a rematch with Khabib: What I’m really more keen to see actually, is a McGregor v. GSP. I’m judging that would be more fun than Silva. They’re closer in age, closer in size. It would sell the sh*t out of PPVs, too.


GSP will wrestle fuck McGregor and it will be the same outcome.


GSP vs Khabib though :smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk::smirk:


The Nevada State Athletic commission is a farcical organization. The constantly employ Adelaide Byrd for fights. They will try to get as much money from Khabib as possible to fill their coffers and then they will suspend him for 6 months, which is fine as he probably wouldnt fight again before that


GSP vs Khabib is pure fire. Put it in the a stadium in Canada. I dont know who will win that matchup.

Tony is next though


From Rogan’s podcast yesterday with McGregor’s coach. I don’t see the full podcast up yet, just some clips.



Rogan wastes an hour of podcast discussing broscience with nutrition coach