[Conscript]Fulfilling Military Service by Hi-Tech Employment

So, I found out that there is a program where you can do your military service by working at a high-tech company. I know of at least 2-3 people in my company on that program.

Anyone have any information on that program? Obviously, my company is eligible, since there are people in the company on the program.

If I could use this as my military service, that would be excellent, as I’d be already halfway done, and I don’t have to leave every four months.

Well, if you do indeed to this, you’d have to start over again.

Yup, I’ve since found out all the details. You have to apply to the company through the program, so if you are already employed, you have to start over. Also, the term of service is 4 years, and you cannot leave the company in those 4 years.

All in all, it’s not a bad deal for those that don’t have the option of leaving every 4 months, but I don’t know if I want to stay with one company for 4 years as I watch other opportunities pass me by.

So Ben, you have to leave the country every 4 months, right?

Do they send you drafting notices evertime you come back into Taiwan? Everytime I go back to Taiwan they would send me one of those notices and I have to make a trip down to the local 處公所 to sort it out.

In fact, one time I went back for only 1 month and they sent me one of those drafting notices after I had already left the country. So my aunty went down to 處公所 and told them that I am 華僑, and that I have already left the country. But they insisted that I photocopy pages of my passport (with the departure stamp and my Overseas Chinese stamp) and send it to them from Australia to verify that I am 1) really an Overseas Chinese and that 2) I have really left the country.

I mean seriously, I find it hard to believe they couldn’t figure out all that with a few keystrokes on a computer. :fume:

I don’t actually have to leave every four months, but I choose to do so just to keep my options open. I do not currently hold, nor have I ever held Taiwanese citizenship, but I am eligible to apply. However, when you apply using Overseas status, they apply the 4 month rule retroactively to age 19. So, under that rule, you cannot have stayed for more than 4 months since your 19th birthday, otherwise, you will be responsible for fulfilling military service if you apply for citizenship.

I know a couple other people who do have citizenship and leave every 4 months, but they haven’t had any problems with draft notices or anything like that.

If I were ever caught in a situation where I had to do my service, I’d definitely opt to work at a high tech company, as you can lead a regular life, get paid regular wages for your job, and are allowed to travel outside the country before your term of service is complete.