Conscription question


Hello guys,
A little background about myself: I have been in the states since I was 18 (2007) and naturalized as a US citizen in 2012. My ROC passport has been expired for 2+ years.
During undergrad, I have gone back to Taiwan on several occasions using my ROC passport with registration certificate, and I was able to get in/out of Taiwan with no issues.
I have graduated since and recently gained an acceptance to medical school (yay? :sunglasses: ). I am planning on going back to Taiwan before med school starts, but that means I won’t be able to get a “registration certificate,” since technically I am not a med student yet. The most I can get from the school is a letter saying that I was accepted and have paid the deposit to hold a spot in school.
My questions are:

  1. Instead of using/renewing ROC passport, can I use the US passport (for the first time) to go in/out of Taiwan for a 2 week stay without issues?
  2. What are the chances that I get caught when exiting Taiwan? (I know I might still get caught and I am willing to take the risks. I just want to know if the risk is high or low? I did not change my name and birthplace on my US passport. However, Taiwanese agencies do not know that I had green card/US passport)
  3. If I were to renew and use my ROC passport, will the acceptance letter suffice the requirements to leave Taiwan for “higher education purpose”? (like it did in undergrad with registration certificate)


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