Conscription: what are my options?

Hi I’ve been searching but with no luck for my case
First want to apologize for my terrible translation of chinese to english

I was born in 1986 and I am a dual citizen, US and Taiwan
I came into Taiwan with my Taiwanese passport in july of 2017
I had read on the government website that I can make no more than 2 mistakes of staying 183 days in a calendar year
But was told recently in a phone call to the military office here in Taoyuan that I can’t stay more than 183 days in 2018, seems like the rules have changed since last year?

I am also a single child of a widowed mother
Can someone tell me what my options are exactly? I have started a business and need to figure out what I have to do because I can’t support my family without working


If you can prove you are the sole supporter of your family, you can do 12 days of conscription. Look at my thread about it. I believe it fits in as one of the possible ways to do the 12 days conscription. 12 days a conscript

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