Consequences of a CCP Takeover

It is anyone’s guess what the long term outcome will be between Taiwan and China. TainanCowboy started a list on another thread that got me thinking late last night. I know I am overlooking lots of subjects such as schools, financial markets, politics, religion, etc. so feel free to add or diss. Its just food for thought.

TainanCowboy wrote:

Future Possibilities:

1.) With laxer immigration policies, more wealthy mainlanders will come over, discover the beauty of South Taiwan, and purchase up all the real estate for their vacation homes. Everyone speaks Chinese, the Taiwan resturants can supply their style meals, the environment is much cleaner, travel is easy, etc. It will be just like home. South Taiwan will grow, especally the local Kending airport and vacation condos, jetskis, yacht sales, etc. 2nd wives (xiao tai-tai) will live in Taiwan instead of the other way around. Locals will slowing lose access to many of the best spots on the island due to overcrowding.

2.) Keelung and Kaoshuing habors will become PLAN forward naval bases in their string of pearls strategy. They will act as a guard posts for controlling the Taiwan Strait similar to the China navy bases in Gwadar Pakistan, Myanmar and Indonesia (for control of Straits of Malacca). Taiwan port cities will absord the 1000s of mainland sailors that will be stationed here plus create new supply chains/industries, create new families, etc. Crime will go up because of more people plus (often) drunk military with lots of cash to spend when back from sea. Korea/Japan will have to deal with China’s oil blockade threat. Most Taiwan container freight will not be needed anymore. Only high-end, air-freight products are to be M.I.T. (Made In Taiwan). China also gains control of the Panama Canal with container/espionage centers on both ends of the canal owned by COSTCO and Hutchinson Whampoa.

3.) Taiwan will probably get a 5th nuke plant, whether it needs it or not. Locals won’t have any say-so, since the government rules. If they complain, they will get thrown in jail. USA GE or Westinghouse will get the contract because Kissinger will step in to make a deal for the US not to engage with China if a conflict breaks out, partly becuase Taiwan did not pass a budget to defend itself. EU won’t get involved either because China may make a deal with EU Central bank to use the Euro as the purchase currency on the new Iranian oil futures exchange. EU is in a alot of trouble now, so no telling where the Euro will go, maybe China support is critical for survival of EU Central Bank. (And UK will have to go euro as well, becuase BP owns part of the london exchange (IPE). (read the last link, also several good articles on ).

4.) Air China and China Air to merger, its too confusing to have both. More deals are made to gaurantee China purchases of both Airbuses and Boeings. Boeing manufacturing and machine tool industry moves from Seattle to Taiwan/China with wings made in Japan. Aircraft no longer produced in USA. Airbus will slowly get squeezed out of business in the long term as well. EDF bought out by Chinese investors. All jet planes and satilites will be made in Asia.

5.) Lan-Yu has the potential to become a permanent nuke waste dump since respect for minorities will evaporate. Kimen and Matsu to become chinese hospital/quarantine islands for Bird Flu.

6.) All the food production markets will go west, including pigs, poultry, rice, fruit, etc. Pig farming is cheaper in China, so lots of farmers go out of business. Taiwan becomes a bit cleaner, same as when Japan dumped its hog production on Taiwan years ago. Quality of food from China will be much poorer grade, but people will get use to it. Civit cats and dog meat re-introduced as delicacies. All Taiwan rice cookers will be from Haier instead of Tatung. Farm land becomes too valuable to plant rice on with influx of new China bride/groom extended families.

7.) A flat V.A.T. will be added to all purchases to pay a fee to China government for their future military “protection”.

8.) China Airforce gains 60-100 new Mirages and F-16s. All military rifles become Ak-47s instead of M-16s or Taiwans M-193s.

9.) All Taxi cabs will slowly become China Auto Cherys. Taiwan car manufacturers Ford, Toyota, Honda all go to China since steel is cheaper to purchase is bigger quantities in China. Old Taiwan taxi drivers will pose with their Yue-Lueng Bluebirds in front of the train station, similar to the way the old Hong Kong rickshaw drivers pose for photos outside the Star Ferry.

10.) Most hospitals will slowly hire mainland trained doctors and nurses. The pay is higher here plus the quality of life makes it a easy choice for China medical staff to come over. All medicine sold in Taiwan made generically in China from now on. Taiwan plastic surgery industry becomes top rated and overtakes Bangkok as the place to come to. Percentage of girls on Taipei MRT with nosejobs goes up from 40% to 80%. Taiwan also becomes top cancer center in Asia, with special euthenasia hospitals setup on the beautful east coast to assist critical ill patients die in peace. (run by ex-labor brokers no longer need to supply contract workers). Forced abortions and forced deaths introduced.

11.) Taiwan IT industry will focus on buiding a Chinese designed CPU for all future China IT products and military items (such as missle controllers that need high end processors). Taiwan/China may already possess this knowledge since many companies owning pentium level CPU technology have changed hands. (Cyrix, was bought by VIA a few years ago (which is a sister company of the top smartphone manufacture HTC), and Leveno bought the IBM PC division. IBM also had their own CPU on ther market for awhile. (Its not known if this IP was part of the deal, but it is a possibility). China will enventually create its own internet and block out any intruders to its domain. Hsinchu (Xinzhu) will turn into a satilite design park with China intent on building its own GPS system so they do not have to rely of the US or Europe to launch a rocket.

12.) Military Police will come back to patrol the streets if democrats don’t keep their mouths shut.

13.) National Palace treasures will forever move to Beijing and only be loaned by consignment to Taipei. Taiwan with have to compete with other cities to have Chinese relic exhibitions.

14.) China Post gets big investment from CCP Info Ministry, become the English voice for news from Taiwan, follows Xinhua model. Taipei Times/Liberty Times slowly crippled and put out to pasture. All characters in the Apple Daily will be in simplified Chinese from now on to re-educate the masses.

15.) China Mobile invests in Chunghwa (Zhonghua) telecom, it will transmit signal all the way to Shanghai via microwave relay. Becomes part of world’s largest telecom firm with 300+ million subscribers (with built-in 3G Walled Garden internet access). Buys out all other telcoms in Taiwan and controls all telecommunications.

16.) Taiwan bottoms out and uses it’s last resort for income by finally allowing gambling on Penghu Island (or maybe even in Kending). Japan invests/helps create a floating airport, Penghu becomes major gambling den for weathly Chinese/Japanese.

17.) Taiwan Triads merge with brotherhoods in China. Move to Penghu. Porn industry develops with South Taiwan based T-bag pole-dancing girls eager for jobs. Major drug labs secretly opened on offshore islands. North Korea donates benjamin printing plates for major new counterfeit money laundering ring operating out of Penghu by Whitewolf, CCP Gov’t and friends.

18.) KMT/ROC flag is ruled illegal to fly since only one political party can exist. KMT HQ becomes CCP HQ Taiwan.

19.) Vendors on Taipei streets start selling Mao trinkets.

20.) Wu Bai starts promoting Tsingdou beer instead of Taiwan beer because Taiwan beer was bought out by Bud/Tsingdou conglomerate. Cans are not fancy enough for high-end mainland consumers.

21.Top selling cigarette brand will be “Heavenly Masters”.

  1. All green leaning businesses slowly get squeezed out (Evergreen, etc.). Political officers get stationed in all other major companies. All enterprises owned by Taiwan Goverment will belong to Peoples Republic of China. Control of stock goes to mainland bankers.

  2. Most poplular insurance policy now offered by Nanging Life will be “incarceration insurance” so families will have money in case the bread earner is tossed in jail for questioning authority or not paying enough guanxi.

  3. Cliffs in Juifeng become popular for the same reason as the banzai cliffs in Saipan.

  4. Instead of Barbarian Beethoven, the garbage truck song becomes Peking Opera soundtrack. (bing, boing, blang, dong, dong, dong, clickity, clickity,…) Offical garbage bags now red instead of blue, but good thing is they finally figured out a simple size chart: S-M-L-XL.

  5. All KMT assets become property of the People Republic of China. Managed by CCP gov’t. All vote captains, ward chiefs, etc., lose their positions since there is no vote. They cry to KMT leadership, but KMT leaders are to baffled to understand they not only lost all their power but all their wealth.

  6. Minimum wage will be NT$20/hr. All positions at 7-11s, Friday’s, etc. will be 100% filled by mainland students. Waiting list to get any job will be at least 6-12 months long.

  7. Blue flipflops or any type of sandals will be unwearable due to amount of hack, phelm, etc. coughed up and spit out on the sidewalks by 2nd, 3rd, 4th waves of tourists and new residents.

  8. Brass Monkey changes name to Brass MonkeyBrains. Becomes “in” restuarant for Mainland consumers. Menu/service problems finally solved.

  9. Visa processing becomes much easier for foreigners to live in Taiwan.

  10. Price of air ticket to states/canada/EU goes up to $50,000 (one way) because if China is really controlling Taiwan, it would mean the US housing/bond/financial markets had a financial meltdown. Since most airlines are already bankrupt, fewer seats and $100+/barrel oil increase the price of tickets.

  11. Only PROC Flags allowed to be waved at Yankee Stadium for Wang JeMing.

  12. Planet of the Apes style forbidden zone set up around Sun Moon Lake. Only High level cadre are allowed to enter. Becomes the Asian version of the Bohemian Grove. (Bamboo Grove) for the elite. Hu, Jiang, Chan, Soong, Fung, Qian, etc. prance around naked worshipping a statue of money god. (or wealth beakoning cat statue)…

  13. Anything Japanese offered in Ximending confiscated/burned by authorities.

  14. 30 banana republics go bust since they no longer are players in the money game. Resort to pow-mien handouts from TsuChi Buddist foundation for survival.


4nr -
Well done :bravo: :bravo: I can see you have devoted a lot of effort and thought to this.

I also might refer interested parties to the interview in todays Taipei Times with Japanese Admiral Sumihiko Kawamura, (ret.). He lists very clearly the current and proposed position of Japan defence of Taiwan in concert with American forces. Quite a good read and clearly telling Taiwan to get off their sorry ass and get their shit stacked in a neat pile defense-spending wise or these crystal ball predictions will ring very true.

Really interesting, anymore things we should be aware of? :bravo:

The CCP is ruining Hong Kong for one.

Thanks, just trying to think outside the beindong box. I polished it up a bit for easier reading. Actually its just a rambling collection of thoughts I wanted to organized for a while. I’m interested to read anyone else’s comments. I had a few more but forgot to write down and not sure if i’ll have time for a follow-up.

Methinks A-bian should hire Hartzell to get this place to be the 51’st state.
Naw, too radical, but a nice thought.

Another comon occurence in a communist take -over:
The former activists who worked to move the cadre into power are rounded up and “re-educated” or simply shot in the back of the head.
Its SOP.
The ruling elite don’t like to have trained and experienced agitators in their midst.

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]The former activists who worked to move the cadre into power are rounded up and “re-educated” or simply shot in the back of the head.
Its SOP.
The ruling elite don’t like to have trained and experienced agitators in their midst.[/quote]

Well, that’s something often forgotten buy the KMT/New party faithful. In case the CCP takes over, then their reward will be a bullet, not a return tothe cosy old days onder CCP patronage.

Beware of your friends, not your enemies.

I can’t wait when they install 51% of our government with CCP affiliates, and then advertise to the world that this is indeed Democracy.

Everytime the people of Taiwan nearly surpasses 50% of the vote to their side, the CCP adds a few new positions for the CCP affiliates under the name of promoting democracy.

Then there will be loads and loads of Chinese immigrants to displace the population of Taiwan.

In 30 years when Taiwan has a population of 69 million, more than half of it Mainlanders, the CCP will announce to the world that Taiwan is better off then, than it was 30 years earlier.

By this time the CCP party has gotten itself elected to the top rungs of the government, utilizing its population influx, as no one is immigrated into Taiwan without pledging CCP allegiance in one form or the other.

The people of Taiwan will finally rejoice and say collectively (actually 70%, 66% being Mainlanders, and the 4% being the KMT legacy) that the CCP rule is great, that the people of China have been led to greatness solely by the CCP.

During this period, tensions increase severely with Japan and the United States, and Taiwan is used as a base of operations in the event of war. Trade routes around Taiwan are blockaded, stopping mega corporations, the likes of Sony, as they watch all their Malaysian and Thailand factories unable to ship.

Eventually, if and when war breaks out, the people of Taiwan are sacrificed and are sent to the front lines in the name of proximity.

As history repeats itself, China now demands that Vietnam, parts of Turkey, and parts of Russia were always a part of China, under the globe of its historical influence and demand annexation.

Democracies around Asia are bullied into giving up by China, as was Taiwan, and the CCP’s murderous hand bloodies the planet.

We can be another Tibet or Hong Kong!

Nice list. One positive could be that Taiwan moves towards a working rule of law. Immigration becomes easier for long-time foreign residents, etc, etc.

Forget the Penghu casino option, Taiwan missed that boat. Macau’s too close and soon to be outrageously vast.


:astonished: Because China has this?

It is working much faster towards a rule of law than Taiwan is. Really!


[quote]Stinky tofu will be outlaws by communist cadres.[/quote]So it wouldn’t be all bad ?

It will be a sad day indeed, and it looks more and more likely with each passing year. I was travelling in southern China last summer, and believe me I almost kissed the ground when I returned to Taiwan. Almost. I remember passing over the border from Guangdong into Hong Kong and the first thing you see is a wall plastered with posters telling people to wash their hands and not spit on the floor. I thought that was pretty amusing.

Taiwan has more than it’s fair share of problems, but I still love living here. I pray that I never have to live in the PRC.

Sorry folks, time for a (light-hearted) dose of reality.

Ironic, since the first dominant example of Beijing “interference” in domestic HK affairs was the NPC’s interpretation of HK’s “basic law” mini-constitution to more tightly restrict mainland immigration into Hong Kong.

And besides, Hainan has nicer beaches, is more convenient to the mainland, and less prone to earthquakes. I know where my vacation home will be.

Well, the first part of this is possible, albeit little more than a parrot of neo-con “sky is falling… because the axis of evil has stolen our technology to make it fall” strategic analysis.

And as far as the “drunk military”, you have a lot to learn about the PLA. At the very least, you can refer to Donald Tsang’s comments in the Canadian press about the absolutely saintly behavior of PLA, as compared to the less than admirable behavior of British colonial soldiers in Hong Kong. But hey, don’t let me suggest that this type of behavior is limited to the Brits… just ask how much the Okinawans appreciate their American guests.

Sort of the… “Walmart will control the Western world from head-to-toe by selling a ski-hat and woolen socks to George Bush” line of thought, right?

At least the “logic” here has some basis in truth. Undoubtedly, public projects on the mainland proceed regardless of the pain/damage it might inflict on the local populace. If we assume the “5th nuke plant” is perceived to be important by the Beijing authorities, then this just might be possible!

Of course… why the heck does Beijing want another nuke plant in Taiwan? The mainland’s building more than one plant a year as it is. Besides, we’re working on this whole pebble bed reactor thing ( that’s keeping us busy.

God, I hope not. The only thing worse than being mistaken for China Air is being forced to merge with China Air. I don’t want any more white-knuckled cross-Pacific flights.

Now, if you were talking Eva… or something really sexy like Cathay or Singapore Airlines… it might make sense. But annexation of Singapore for their airline brands is actually phase 5 of the plan for world domination… I’m not supposed to talk about it.

Thanks for offering, but we already have Qinghai and Gansu if we want to dump nuclear waste in an area where “we have no respect” for minorities. You might want to google up the term “Nationality University” (minzu xueyuan), as a way of understanding the depths of mainland disrespect for minorities. If you remind me, I’ll post some pictures from China’s national congress sometimes. Plenty of minorities being disrespected, then.

So, are we to understand that if Taiwan never reunified… the above wouldn’t be true? Taiwan would forever have pig farmers, and produce their own rice cookers?

Damn straight.

There’s quite a bit more here we could chew over in far greater detail, and I suspect we probably will tackle many of them over time… but let’s call it a night for now.

Let me just wrap up by saying that I appreciate your efforts in going through the exercise. Some of the predictions ring true to my ear, and I bear no grudge against them. Others, however, read like the stunted rehash of a PNAC policy paper.

The sooner we wade through the collection of half-truths, 3/4-truths, and total fabrications that pervade the public consciousness (even those who profess interest and knowledge of cross-strait affairs)… the sooner we can get to the bottom of what a reunified Taiwan would really look like.

And for those of us who aren’t just passing through the region as a way of avoiding adult responsibility… this is an exercise that will bear long-term fruit, for it’s an exercise with real relevance for us and our descendents for generations to come.

Always nice to hear from the 6 10 Office.

Do come back and play again :slight_smile:

Oh, and by the way… smelly tofu is a Shanghai delicacy! All you smelly tofu afficionados are unknowingly partaking in a mainland cultural import dating from 1949.

The Beijing government might be able to restrict religious, political, sex/marriage/procreation, and press freedoms… but no way would they get away with restricting the Chinese diet!

[quote=“TainanCowboy”]Always nice to hear from the 6 10 Office.

Do come back and play again :slight_smile:[/quote]
Thanks Tainan. Could you do me a favor and drop a note to my handlers at the embassy and let’em know that I’m doing an adequate job of spreading the message?

I’ll be sure to email your Zionist imperialist capitalist infidel bosses, and make sure they throw in a healthy Christmas bonus for you as well.

[quote=“cctang”]Oh, and by the way… smelly tofu is a Shanghai delicacy! All you smelly tofu afficionados are unknowingly partaking in a mainland cultural import dating from 1949.

My Grandfather (US Navy civilian contractor) described to me in detail the day he tried it for the first time in Keelung…In 1946.