Consequences of not paying tax

just wondering if government finds out the landlord didn’t pay the rental tax…what’s the fine or consequences like? most of the landlord doesn’t pay tax huh?

I don’t suppose you’re a landlord by any chance?

nah, one day I will be.

The consequences are the landlord will find you and break your legs.

Man, you must be a real Taiwanese … you are trying and asking the weirdest things to get around legal things … BTW why don’t you ask your family, they are local, aren’t they?
At least they should know the consequences … not us :s

Anyone know about someone going to jail for not paying their taxes on income for several years?

As in, you heard this happened?

Not sure about Taiwan but if you owe taxes in the US the IRS will definitely get you. Maybe not the FBI for major crimes or cia for spying but the IRS !

In the ROC, court dockets are public documents available for the public to inspect.

You can do some queries on there to see who’s been sentenced to jail for not paying tax.

Do report back with your findings.

I went to pay my taxes today and got back 36 NT that my bank had withdrawn for interest (but married with dependents, so my case is different). Just go to to the tax office. They’re ultra-friendly. It always stresses me out, but I was out in 20 minutes.