Considering a position at a private/international HS - salary advice?

Hi all! I’m considering a high school teaching position at an international school in Taichung. I’d like some advice regarding an average/fair salary scale in Taiwan for similar positions, as I’m not familiar at all with teaching pay scales here. Doing my research online, I’ve found a mix of results, mainly due to the many different types of teachers in Taiwan (cram school, public school, private tutoring, English teacher, etc.).

Background: I have 5 years of teaching experience in USA (licensed w/ master’s degree), and I’d be teaching HS social studies.

They’re offering me NTD 90k a month (and a 10K housing allowance). Is this on average with what I would expect for my experience? I want to be able to negotiate, though I have no idea what others with similar experience might be making.

Appreciate any and all help!!

That’s a pretty good salary. :+1:

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It’s not the best for an International School, but fully acceptable rate from say a second tier IB school outside of Taipei. Take it, get your experience, then move on to another IS once your two years is done.


thanks :smile:
i’ll get back in touch w/ the school and likely accept!!

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