Considering adoption

I have, most of my life had a dog of one breed or another. I understand that what I will find for adoption will most likely not be a purebreed of any real value and that’s not what I am looking for.
My community building is pet friendly and we have been considering a new pet. Our last one was hit by a taxi in what was an accident that I feel was my fault. He should have never been off leash near traffic, - live and learn.
I hope to be more careful in the future.
I am not too enamored with “yappers”. A 2-5 year old with good manners would be great. I prefer males because of the . . . estrus thing.
Housebroken would be great. One of us are always at home and walking the friend would not be a problem. Non-aggresive and obedient would be nice but I don’t mind doing some personal training or paying a professional to do the job.
I guess because I have always been around animals. I have been here nearly 10 years and only had one dog but I simply don’t recall a time in my life when I (we) didn’t have at least one around the house. I guess, I just miss the companionship of a canine.
Botom line: Does anyone know af a mid size well trained dog that needs a loving home. He (preferrably) would even has his own room. complete with Costco dog bed and easy access to LOTS of love and attention from the whole family.

If you neuter them, you don’t need to worry about menstruation. And it improves many behaviour traits. Just saying, don’t write off the girls! :slight_smile:

How about Lucky? Two years old, male, fixed, has a fantastic temperament, and is good with kids, adults, other animals. House broken, doesn’t chew things so you can safely leave him at home, and doesn’t bark either.

I rescued Lucky in January out on the east coast. He was in rough shape having a bad bad mouth wound that was not healing because he had a tick borned disease affecting his immune system (much like the one I had two years ago).

BARK in Kaouhsiung has been taken care of him and nursing him back to health. Which has been quick. Lucky is now almost back to normal weight, which should be about 24 kilos, and is super easy to deal with. I was with him at a BARK adoption event on Sunday and he was just wandering around off lease, letting strangers pat him and approach him. Very likely he was someone’s pet before but either escaped or was abandoned.

Here are some pics.

These are from a few weeks ago. The mouth wound is smaller now but he may need a bit of surgery to cover the gap that remains. But you can see why he’s such a great dog. Even with a wound like this on the day I found him he was happy and chirpy; and as I rushed him to the animal hospital, he was clearly enjoying the ride. This is one cool canine.

Young Lucky sounds like a fine choice for adoption! :thumbsup: Great work, Mr Mu cha! :notworthy:

Enigma, any thoughts on Lucky?

If Enigma adopts Lucky, the Taiwan SPCA will take him (the dog) to see the reconstructive surgeon who fixed Blackie’s face. If the mouth needs surgery, we can organise a Forumosa fundraiser to make it happen.

Lucky seems perfect for you, Enigma . . . :wink:

Here’s a video of Lucky from March 14th.
He’s really a lovely dog. Email me if you’d like more info:

Lovely video there Ladybird. Thanks for posting.

Is that offer open to any adopter, Mr Dog? If is the case, you can count on my donation.

Is that offer open to any adopter, Mr Dog? If is the case, you can count on my donation.[/quote]

Of course. We want to see Lucky carry on living up to his name. And your pledge has been kindly noted–thank you. :bravo:

He was actually named Lucky as much for the fact that he is a bringer of good luck as his own fortune in finding his way to a better life.

Thanks for all the pms and suggestions/offers, etc. As it has turned out a family in my community is moving next month and can’t take their pet with them. I have often admired this dog and walked him occasionally. When they found out that we were considering adoption, they offered Jake. We quickly accepted. He hasn’t moved in yet but we are spending much more time with him and so the problem has resolved itself.
Thanks all.