Constitutional Court rules adultery no longer a crime

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WiFi Networks City Wide Crash as Wives Text Foreigner Husbands “Don’t Wait Up”


Nice. If your spouse cheats can it still be reason as is for divorce?


ROC Civil Code Article 1052

Where either the husband or the wife meets one of the following conditions, the other party may petition the court for a juridical decree of divorce:
(1) Where he or she has committed bigamy;
(2) Where he or she has consensual sexual intercourse with another person

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Finally is right. What a stupid law.


Let the discussion begin!


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People arguing against this have a fairly low opinion of society and a fairly high opinion of the gov’t.

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One step towards being civilized beings at a time.

Now they just have to scrap the xenophobic law where naturalized furriners can be stripped of citizenship for police fines within the next FIVE YEARS after naturalization.



Next is scrapping the xenophobic law requiring renunciation of citizenship.


Reaction to the Constitutional Court’s ruling Friday that said adultery as a crime was unconstitutional was mixed, ranging from disgust to delight.


Hey those are not my words! Please edit accordingly. Thank you.


Next should be to scrap the “public insultment” law; i.e., the law that allows people to sue when someone flips them off.


Good. If anyone wants there to be consequences for cheating, they should just draft a prenup with a hefty penalty.

Only sexual intercourse…?

Taiwan…finally down with OPP.

I disagree. I think especially due to the performance of the government during the Coronavirus Crisis that people on both sides of the debate can have a high opinion of the government.

Also, I agree with this ruling and I have a fairly high opinion of the government. Having high opinions about society and government aren’t mutually exclusive and to say so otherwise is too black and white.

And need to scrap the moronic law where someone in public is giving you ugly hateful looks but apparently it is harassment if you respond by taking their picture on the phone.

Taking pictures of anyone in a public space is legal in most countries.

From a recent post:

"The verdict explained that persons who illegally bug or photograph someone else could face three years imprisonment.

Yeah I almost got arrested outside 101 for calling a pro-China protestor who was harrassing a Falun Gong kid a Wang Ba Dan. If anything I should be rewarded for that. :laughing:


Or granted honorary Taiwan citizenship! : D