Construction Noise on Sunday

It is illegal to do construction work on Sunday. So how come the mothers next door to me building an apartment block can start every Sunday at round 7.30 - 8. What can I do about it? Anything? Concrete suggestions please. (ha bloody ha…)

Things other than jackhammers are OK on sundays according to our building security team…wooptie bloodydo! I’m saving up a whole lot of nasty shrieking opera recordings for our new neighbours: for when they move in after 20 months of hammering, sawing, drilling, driveway-blocking, evil paint-fuming, rant rant rant :fume: :smiling_imp: :fume: :smiling_imp:
The local pizza shop is going to get a lot of orders too!

I used to work for a manufacturer of speakers and microphones. A customer of ours told me about a product they had developed for law enforcement. It’s a special kind of megaphone. The sound can be directed toward one person or a group of people in a crowd in an adjustable beam. It can be extremely loud for the person it is directed toward, but to those not within the beam, the sound is either quite low or undetectable. I imagine one of those things would be rather handy once these neighbors finish renovating.

Call the local police and the EPA every single day. Get a copy of the relevant law and video tape yourself giving it to them. Record your conversations. After the work is finished, inflict similar suffering on your neighbours and then when they call the police videotape the police enforcing their rights but not yours. Then tell them you’re ringing the newspapers. Nothing will happen as you’re only a scumbag foreigner with no vote and no gangster friends, but it might make you feel better.

Or move house. (Not a very helpful suggestion I know).

I’ve since been told by an Interior Design friend - Taiwanese - that its perfectly legal to work on a Sunday. As another poster points out. Damn! Anyway I’m an early riser so I can deal with it. I feel sorry for those who actually like to sleep in.
More to the point, overall the sound hasn’t been that bad. Its not renovation but construction of a 10 story or so apartment block. Now and then its real loud, but usually when I’m off at work. I’ve heard/read some real horror stories about renovation work inside actual your actual apartment building. I’d be out of there immediately if I thought it was going to be any more than a couple of weeks. There must be a general regulation saying you are entitled to enjoy your apartment in reasonable peace. (ha ha ha ha)
Regarding the suggestions to chase the whole deal up with cameras and picketing and other harrasement. That I think is an example of the cure being worse than the ailment! Cheers to all.

No effect … they’ll probably going to love it anyway … :smiley: