Contact lens peroxide/disc disinfecting system

Looking for the above, or the older type Aosept.

I figure the contact lens market must be pretty deep here, but I’ve yet to encounter it.

Maybe ask one of the glasses stores that dot the landscape?

Yeah, every eyeglass store has about 10 different choices of disinfecting systems.

Fair enough, I’ve been in two for eye glass adjustments, never saw much besides frames for sale, but I was not looking for disinfection at the time.

Do either of you use contact lenses? I used to, heavily but switching from the above described had left my eyes killing me after 3 or 4 hours. I bought a disc system in NY two years ago and was pleasantly surprised at how week it worked just like decades ago.

I don’t wear glasses. I just tried to make as good of a guess as possible.

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I saw AOSept on the store in Daxi I just walked past. They probably have it everywhere then.


Eyeglass store

My sister in law just started using this last month. I’m pretty sure she buys it at Watson’s or Cosmed.

Great, not Watson’s, at least mine. So it’s off to Cosmed then, never been.