Contact spray

Does anybody know what “contact spray” is in Chinese? The stuff used to improve electrical contact in switches, potis etc… Thanks, Xpet.

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Don’t know what it is in Chinese but you can get it in those electrical shops in the Guanghua market. It was visible on the shelf when I went so I was able to just point. The stuff I got doesn’t have any Chinese on the label – its German.

It’s called Run hua iou (潤滑油) in Chinese.
You can buy it on a bicycle shop or key/lock shop on the street.

[quote=“kaifi”]It’s called Run hua iou (潤滑油) in Chinese.
You can buy it on a bicycle shop or key/lock shop on the street.[/quote]
Are you sure about that? Isn’t what you are describing more like penetrating oil such as Puff Dino or WD40? That’s a different thing altogether and you don’t want to be spraying that stuff into your potentiometers and switches!

We used to use trichloroethane in the service because it evaporated quickly and left no residue. It’s probably banned now because of the precious ozone layer.

actually i am not quiet sure about the use of contacy spray,
i am unfamiliar with mechanical or tech things.

but i believe the word "Run hua iou (潤滑油) " can be refered to oil for bike, car, electrical contact such things.

Hi, as 潤滑 [run4 hua2] means ‘to smoothen’ or ‘smooth’ I tend to go with Sandman’s interpretation, if the stuff is too oily you’d actually deminish the conductivity of the contacts rather than improving them … thanks anyway! Xpet.

You seem to be talking about “conductive (spray) paint” – 導電(噴)漆.

If you’ve ever tried turning the volume up on your radio or CD player and it makes a lot of static noise while you move it, it’s because of dirty contacts. So there’s stuff you can spray in there and clean it so it doesn’t make that noise anymore. That’s what they’re talking about I think, and I could be wrong. (It happened once before, if I remember correctly.)

If Richardm is right, then i would be totally misunderstanding the use of contact spray. :s
Just forget all the thing i said before.

You better get yourself some too, Richard – those Korean-made pots and switches in your Epi are notorious!

That would be “contact cleaner.” It’s called “電子接點復活劑” (dian4 zi3 jie1 dian3 fu4 huo2 ji4) or just “復活劑” in Chinese.

Ah, thanks a lot, may your contacts always be clean and crisp!! :notworthy:

RichardM, thanks for pointing people in the right direction, I guess I must improve my descriptive writing … although, when I look at my o/p: “The stuff used to improve electrical contact in switches, potis etc…” it seems pretty clear to me … Anyway, thanks everybody!! Xpet.

Hi, just a quick update: I found a can of spray called “Electronic Cleaner” made by a German company called “Kontakt Chemie”, our local Hifi store had it. I profited from both Xiren’s language help (the guy immediately understood & knew what I wanted, must be my superior pronunciation skills … :wink: ) and Richardm’s PM-tutorial on contact spray application, so thanks again, the formerly troubled potentiometer works silently and efficiently as it did when I first got the bass, quite the enjoyment! Thanks, Xpet.