Container Space!

Any place in Taiwan where I can store a little furniture for a few days or so?

I am currently leaving my former abode in Taipei.
The contract expires on Jun 28 and the next day a new person will move in.
My friends will help me for free to move all of my stuff.
But I am moving to Kaohsiung and my friends said that they will be available only on July 2.

My problem is… is there any place where I can store my furniture for just a few days???
Something like a small container somewhere… but I don’t want to leave all my stuff in the middle of nowhere.
Some place where it can be safe.
I can pay up to a few thousand NT$
It’s not that much… maybe just washing machine, clothes bedding, television, and kitchen utensils

I already asked the landlord for help, but he said he can’t do much on it (or perhaps doesn’t want to)
He even asked me for half a month rent if my stuff is left at his place for just a few days (and the next one who will go to live there is a Japanese)

I want to use some place somewhere… perhaps I was thinking about a container… the ones used for ships… I heard some people used them when moving their furniture to other countries
Not that I want to use a ship from Taipei to Kaohsiung, but I was planning to use only the container, lock the stuff for a few days and then go to take it back.

Any idea???